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Chapter 1377 I do not dare risk it. 

Who knew what shocking things Mu Lianjue was capable of doing in his desperation

“Likewise, I dont dare to risk my loved ones.”

Pausing, he looked her in the eye.

“Dont worry; I know what Im doing.

You wait for my order.”


Lisa was insistent, very sure that theexplosive device in the boys great-uncles hand was a sham.

It was just a trick that the man had devised in the eleventh hour for survivals sake!

The man knew the mother was the boys Achilles heel and made full use of this knowledge.

The child would never let her be exposed to any danger.

The boy calmly asked in return, “What if its real, then”

What if it was really an explosive device when the man pressed the button

She was lost for words all of a sudden.

Vermilion Birds eyes glinted momentarily, and leaning closer to him, she whispered, “Sir, we have snipers about a hundred meters away, awaiting your orders.”

“Itll be too late.”

Youyou furrowed his brows.

Snipers were lying in ambush at about a hundred meters away, ready to shoot at his order, but they would only act upon receiving that; without his command, the sniper would not shoot.

If his side were to issue an order now, this might alert the enemy.

There would be a risk of exposing their plan to the desperate man if they warned the snipers to take him down.

He would not allow even a one-tenth chance of a risk.

“Ill give you three seconds!” The man issued his final warning and started to count down.


“Master, you—”

Lisa would not barge.

The boy looked pensively into her eyes and spouted, “Let me pass.”


The girl bit her lower lip hard before she ruffled her tousled hair angrily and gave way to him unwillingly.


The man lifted the device in his hand high and looked to be readying himself to press the button…

Yun Tianyou raised his voice at once.

“Fourth great-uncle, lets talk!”

“I have no patience to negotiate with you!” replied the man coldly.

The boy smiled.

“Im willing to be your hostage now, but you must promise not to come up with any tricks, or Ill lose my patience.”

The man thought for a while before he gave a sinister smile.

“Alright! Still, I must warn you not to show any trickery, too! Worse comes to worst, well just perish together!”

Youyou smiled and asked, “How will I dare come up with any tricks after your warning”

With that, he lifted his haughty chin and strode toward him.

The man looked greedily at him, just like an evil spirit from hell, reveling with hideousness.

Mu Linfeng demonstrated no emotion on his face, though his tumultuous heart was awestruck by the childs behavior!

How can this child display such an overwhelming charisma

He had unreservedly put himself in the line of fire to protect his beloved family.

This, alone, was enough to make him admire the boy from the bottom of his heart!

What charisma at this young age…


It appeared that he had underestimated the boy, after all.

While he was caught up with his thoughts, the kid walked up to Mu Lianjue.

The latter pulled the boy by his collar and hurled him to his side while sending his second brother flying away with a kick.

His action caught his second brother by surprise and landed on the ground awkwardly, looking utterly humiliated.

The man clenched the boys throat, and at that moment, the full Mercenary Paradise team geared into action.

Staring warily at him, everyone waited for the boy to issue orders with bated breath.

The lad, meanwhile, was composed and showed no signs of struggle.

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