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Chapter 137: Dress Up for the Show

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“Shishi, you deserve the best.”

Gu Xingze looked at her and said this.

A simple statement like the summer wind left his warm and gentle lips.

Yun Shishi was a little flattered.

“Xingze… why are you so good to me”

“I don’t know!” He smiled ruefully.

“You are a girl who makes me want to take care of you.”

“Thank you!” She was deeply and sincerely grateful to him.

Tonight’s annual gala was to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Huanyu Entertainment.

It was a gathering of all the famous stars in film, TV, and music arenas, highly acclaimed directors, and VIP investors.

Thus, international entertainment reporters would surely be covering this grand affair.

Huanyu Entertainment used to be Huanyu Records.

It was once the top music recording company where many super idols came from.

There was none that came close to this company’s performance in the music industry.

After a while, however, the music industry entered a period of slump, and Huanyu Records faced the issue of going bankrupt.

Disheng Financial Group later bought it and officially renamed it as Huanyu Entertainment.

It then became a company where many first-rate performers and the Big Four Stars Agents gathered.

Thanks to this, Huanyu Records could continue its legacy.

Before anyone knew it, Huanyu Entertainment had been in business for ten years.

Tonight’s gala was bound to be spectacular.

It was no wonder that the young starlets and passé were cudgeling their brains out for a chance to walk the red carpet and make an appearance in tonight’s event.

If they were able to grab the right opportunity, they could rise to stardom or make a comeback!

One must know that many well-known directors and producers would be present in it.

More importantly, the president of Disheng Financial Group would be an attendee, too.

The president of Disheng! He was the prince of and the sole successor to Mu, the most elite family in the capital!

Mu Yazhe had always been secretive and elusive, and news about him was few and far between.

The public knew very little about this mysterious, noble prince as he seldom showed his face.

Once the socialites and elites confirmed his attendance to the gala, the ladies spent much effort to dress up in hopes of earning some brownie points by leaving a deep impression on the blue-blooded president.

What did it matter if he had a fiancée

There was always the possibility of having a wife with two or three mistresses for such an elite household like the Mu family.

For instance, Mu Yazhe’s grandfather had a legal wife and two mistresses.

His father was the first wife’s son and was doted on by Grandmaster Mu.

Plenty of elites would also be attending the gala just to see the young master of the Mu family for themselves.

Even if they could not attract his attention, anyone from the Mu family would do, too.

The reporters were, thus, stunned by the resulting glamor at the event.

Everything was too luxurious and over-the-top to the point of being… decadent!

Only the Mu family had such power and influence in the whole capital.

For the sake of attending the gala, Yun Na poured her life savings of 2000 yuan into renting an extended Bentley.

The Bentley rode to the venue and stopped at the entrance.

She adjusted her outfit one last time; she paid special attention into arranging the beautiful piece of jewelry on her neck to make sure that it would be seen by the media from the best angle.

She had put in a lot of effort and attention to look her best in this gala to heighten her chance of exposure.

Hmph! Yun Shishi, you don’t deserve to attend this gala.

Stay at home watching TV with your b*stard son as I dazzle everyone here!

She cursed under her breath.

She put on a perfect smile as the chauffeur opened the car door for her.

She held her chin high, proudly straightened her back, lightly pushed her hair behind her shoulders, and then proceeded to walk the red carpet.

She attracted the attention of many female stars with her appearance.

There were praises or shocked exclamations centered on her neck – at the priceless jewel hanging on it.


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