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Chapter 1369: Drawing Swords (4)

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It took merely a span of five seconds.

Vermilion Bird was so nimble that it made their hair stand on end!

It made their hearts race.

Her potential was apparent at one glance.

No one could be certain if they could act faster than the bullet in her gun!

Hence, as soon as she said this, no one else dared to move.

With an arched brow, Youyou innocently shrugged.

“Everyone had better behave! Vermilion Bird is very fierce; the bullets dont have eyes for the disobedient ones!”

Mu Linfengs face darkened even further, feeling antagonized by the boys arrogance, but he could do nothing about it in this situation!

Truth be told, with a dozen armored vehicles sitting his men inside, there was no way he would lose to the boy if they were to come into a blow.

The only reason he did not dare to act rashly was that the boy had snipers hidden around.

There was no telling if he was currently being marked by one!

In addition, with the female mercenary behind him, even if his opponents were greatly outnumbered, nothing could be gained from it.

He did not dare to make any brash movements, and as such, the situation temporarily came to a stand-off.

“What do you mean by that!” The man snorted.

“It seems that you dont have a clear idea of your status! Do you know the consequences awaiting you by doing this!”

“Im well aware of my second grand uncles distinguished status and authority.” Youyou gave him a faint smile.

“Im afraid, though, that the one who doesnt have a clear idea of my status is second grand uncle.


“Nothing at all.” The boy continued.

“I just hope that second grand uncle wont meddle in my affairs.

Ill give you a chance now.

Leave with your men right away, and I wont lay a finger on you, but! Theres someone who must stay behind.”

The elder knitted his brows at once.

It was clear who the boy was referring to!

It seemed that this brat was also here for Fourth Mu!

Meanwhile, he suddenly recalled the boys earlier words.

‘Im afraid, though, that the one who doesnt have a clear idea of my status is second grand uncle.


Did not have a clear idea of his status

What was the status of this child!

He could not figure it out in the meantime, but from that one remark, he felt a sliver of coldness traveling upward from his feet.

Still, he did not put down his pride and haughtily answered, “I should be saying that to you! Take the initiative to leave with your men and I wont pursue todays matter with you.”

His words seemed a little weak even with his attitude; it was vastly different from his earlier aggressiveness and haughtiness.

He no longer had the confidence as before!

The boy, however, did not give him an out.

A contemptuous smirk spread across his tender, little face.

“If my second grand uncle insists on intervening, then give it a go.

Id like to see just how youre going to take him away from me!”

A sharp gleam flashed across Mu Linfengs eyes as his face darkened with mixed emotions.

He was caught in a dilemma where he could not advance or retreat!

If he were to make a cowardly exit by leaving his brother behind, not only would he be disgraced, he would become a laughingstock to his juniors, too!

Nonetheless, judging from the current situation, protecting and taking his brother away seemed to be quite an impossible feat, should he insist on doing so.

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