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Chapter 1360: Father and Son Fighting over a Hostage (1)

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The vehicle sped along the road.

However, it came to a sudden halt when it reached the highway.

Mu Lianjues heart was in his mouth as he listened to his surroundings intently.

There was a mysterious group blocking their way.

An elongated Bentley was right in front with five armored vehicles in tow.

Three rows of mercenaries in full-combat uniforms were lining up the road, blocking the highway and leaving no room to move ahead.

Yun Tianyou sat gracefully inside the Bentley with a wine glass in hand.

Inside the glass was bubbling cola, though.

Like a gentleman, he sipped from the straw lightly.

Vermilion Bird, next to him, bent down and whispered, “Weve blocked the car.”

“Check if Mu Lianjue is really in the car!” ordered the boy coolly.

The boy had his men investigate, and once he learned that Fourth Mu would be leaving the country for San Francisco tomorrow morning under heavy protection, he knew that he had to act tonight.

However, by the time his men arrived at the military base, the elder had already been taken away.

The place was a mess.

The soldiers in the army camp were all taken down swiftly, barely alive.

It was clear that those who had taken the man away were well-trained.

This seemed to be the work of mercenaries.

Finding out that the middle-aged man had been abducted earlier, he quickly ordered the road at every junction to be blocked off.

What he had no clue was that it was his father who had the man abducted.

Sometimes, kinship could be magical that the father and son moved in synchronicity with tacit understanding.

Mu Yazhes man, deputy Zhou, hopped out of the vehicle when their car was blocked and could not help frowning at the unit before them.

During his momentary lapse, a suave and lanky woman got down from the Bentley parked not far away.

She wore a handsome blonde crop cut to the ears.

Her army fatigue racerback revealed a curvaceous body.

There was a cold and murderous aura coming undeniably from her!

She took a few steps forward, and the first words she spoke were: “Who is the person in the car”

The deputy, looking unhappy with furrowed brows, asked warily, “Who are you”

“Cut the crap! You can go but leave that one in the car behind!”

She opened her mouth once more to issue a terse warning.

The deputys brows furrowed deeper.

These people were obviously here to snatch the man from them!

Now, this is getting interesting!

“Who are you! Our boss wants the man inside the car so we cant leave him behind! Sorry but its a no-go!”

“Garbage,” rebutted the female mercenary coldly.

“Hand over the man!”

He frowned.

Just then, he caught sight of her armband from his periphery and got a shock when he recognized it for Mercenary Paradises emblem!

Thats the worlds top mercenary organization!

These guys are actually from Mercenary Paradise!

The deputy was rudely taken aback.

He swept his gaze across the formation standing before him again; the dozen or so individuals were tough, strong, and deterring.

That mercenary group was known to have top trained fighters.

The mercenaries from it had all proven their worth, and their opponents only stood to lose in real bouts!

Who sent this devilish team here!

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