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Chapter 136: You deserve the best.

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Mu Yazhe slowly raised his head and looked at her.

Seeing that there was no admiration and only intolerance in his eyes, Mu Wanrou’s heart turned cold.

“Take it off.”

One heartless command from him pinned her to the spot in utter embarrassment.


“Did I give you permission to wear this” He snorted.

Her face turned stiff and ugly.

She did not understand; he had always given in to her demands.

She could have whatever she wanted.

He always spoiled her and would agree to anything she asked for – even if it was unreasonable.

Why was he suddenly so cold and distant toward her

“Why Why must I take it off You mean I can’t compare to her That b*tch—”

“Take it off.

I’ll give you five minutes to change into another dress.” With that, he fixed his gaze on his wristwatch.

He was counting the time down.

“I won’t!” She was on the verge of tears.

“I like this.

I am going to wear this to the gala tonight!”

He frostily said, “I have limited patience.”

“Zhe…” She was alarmed.

He had never been heartless to her before.

Yun Shishi, that b*tch, must be a vixen incarnate.

All men have been bewitched by her.

“One minute left,” he coldly warned.

This was a hint to her that he would not leave her even a shred of dignity if she did not obey within the last minute.

He always did what he threatened.

With much resentment, she stomped into the dressing room to change into another evening gown.

The Bentley slowly and steadily drove on the highway toward the hotel for the yearly gala.

Inside the car, Yun Shishi silently sat down with her head lowered.

She no longer had that self-confidence she had displayed earlier.

From her profile, one could tell that she was feeling down.

Gu Xingze, who was sitting beside her, watched her closely.

He saw her look out the window with her head still lowered.

Her thin and frail frame was heart-wrenching to see for him.

She was the kind of woman a man would want to care and protect.

Recalling the earlier scene at EMPRESS’s showroom where he saw that little lad that looked so much like her, his head was filled with questions.

Rumors had it that Young Mistress Mu Wanrou was betrothed to Mu Yazhe, the Mu household’s successor, since young.

The two were childhood sweethearts and were so in love with each other.

This was only a front, however.

In truth, Mu Yazhe was a cold and aloof man, who had never fallen in love with any woman.

Mu Wanrou was also not the biological mother of Little Yichen.

She was diagnosed to be infertile and had no ability to bear a child.

Little Yichen’s real mother was somebody else.

Is she, the mother

That day, he saw her with a little boy, whose age and features were identical to Little Yichen’s.

Gu Xingze softly chuckled.

He actually minded about this matter, yet he had no right to ask.

Qin Zhou was also looking at her.

He wanted to console her but did not know how or where to start.

Yun Shishi looked at the man beside her and thanked him sincerely, “Xingze, about earlier, thank you.

Thank you for guarding my pride!”

“What’s there to thank for” he asked with amusement.

“That gown isn’t worth a billion even though it is indeed very beautiful.”

Was that dress not worth that one billion

He smiled and disagreed, “It is worth it.”


She looked at this handsome man with some surprise.

His smile was soft and gentle, yet his tone was serious and firm.

“Shishi, you deserve the best.”


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