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Chapter 1359: Showdown (4)

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He narrowed his eyes at the elder, communicating his mockery, disdain, and apathy through them.

What had happened in the past, he could let it rest!

He had already put down the grudges from the last generation, but Mu Lianjue, of all things, should not have crossed his threshold!

He should not have harmed Yun Shishi, particularly Mu Yichen and Yun Tianyou!

Those three were off limits!

He remembered how his woman and older son were tortured by him, emerging with bodies full of injuries from his fourth uncles hands, and the thought of how he had almost lost Youyou to a team of assassins his fourth uncle had sent after the boy infuriated him so much that he wanted to tear the despicable elder apart, pieces by pieces!

“Second Mu, you are unfair in your dealings.

Fourth Mu is your brother, but what about me Im just a pawn in your hands, so you can protect your brother time and again, whereas you neednt care for a pawn.

After all, a pawn is only there to do your biddings—no due consideration is required!”

He turned around and looked penetratingly at him.

“Thats why my pain and despondency in your eyes is unacceptable, but I dont wanna be just your pawn anymore as I have feelings, too! He crossed the line that he shouldnt touch, so he must bear the consequences! Isnt that so”

Mu Linfeng was truly taken aback.

His fury was apparent when he found himself starkly exposed.

Having been put down mercilessly by his nephew, anger could be seen brewing in his hawk-like eyes as he bellowed, “Shut up!”

The young man continued to look at him expressionlessly, his lips folded into a half-smile.

“Did I speak wrongly Isnt it true that Ive only been a pawn to you all this while—a pawn that you have no feelings for Second Mu, Ive fulfilled all my duties to you by now! In the future, dont push my limits if you want me to show you some respect.”

“Scoundrel! You unfilial thing, shut your trap!”

The older man lost his cool.

Raising his walking stick high, he smacked it down hard on the chaps shoulder!

His nephew did not dodge the blow; instead, he let the stick hit him squarely in the shoulder.

It snapped in two, sending broken splints flying everywhere.

One hit the glass window and left a crack in it instantly.

Shards scattered about and on the floor.

The elder retracted his shoulder in alarm, astounded by the happening following his action.

He only realized the full extent of what he had done when he calmed down!

He actually used the mahogany cane in his hand to hit his nephews shoulder.

The old man on the bed was too weak to say anything more as he witnessed this scene.

Closing his eyes in weary disappointment, he could only lament in sorrow and remorse!

The painful sorrow of the elites extended fully before his eyes again.

The young chap stood before his uncle without any expression.

He exhibited no sign of pain as if it were not his body that bore that harsh hit earlier.

The frostiness in his eyes, though, was unmistakable.

“This beating is what I owe you.

Ive returned all your favors now!”

With that, he smirked and turned to leave.

His uncle collapsed down in the chair and watched him walk away.

The frail, old man closed his eyes helplessly and gave a deep sigh filled with much regret and pain!

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