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Something seemed to burst inside his head.

After a splitting flash of white light, everything drew a blank in his mind.

“Fourth master, please follow us!”

The man was terse and cold, giving off an eerie feel somehow!

It was as if this were in ancient times when a prison guard dutifully led a prisoner on death roll to the execution site!

Mu Lianjues lips quivered in fear.

“Who are you Where are you bringing me!”

“Fourth master, its better for you to leave with us obediently; we are under orders from our master to bring you back!”

His heart plunged into bleak despondency the moment he heard that!

He did not have to think far to know who thismaster was!

Nonetheless, this was Mu Linfengs territory.

The capitals army bases were set up as guard fortresses within a few hundred miles radius from this place.

The surroundings were well-fortified without a glitch!

This place was used as the nations military training ground on other days.

From this fact alone, one could tell how secluded this location was!

How did these people manage to enter, then!

The man watched his horrified expression in silence, looking detached and unfeeling, like a machine.

“Fourth Master Mu, lets not waste one anothers time! Watch your behavior and follow us obediently or it may turn ugly for you!”

It was an outright hint that they would use force to take him away if needed.

The frigid warning and the mans icy expression made one shudder in fear.

“What do you think of doing!”

He dared not move but had no desire to follow them, either.

He cursed under his breath. Where are all the guards Where did they go!

How could brother be so sloppy in this affair

Hasnt he said earlier that this place is heavily guarded within a few hundred miles radius!

How could my nephews men barge in without warning!

He could not imagine what fate awaited him if he followed these men!

Will it be death

He knew from his second brother that his nephew was out to get him for real this time!

Is that chap going to forsake our familial kinship

Is he that cruel to force me on to a road of no return!

“I wont leave with you!”

He was not stupid enough to obey them.

He knew that he would be receiving hisfinal judgement if he were to leave with them.

When that time came, would he come out alive

“Fourth Master Mu, may I remind you that you have no rights to negotiate this time”

With mockery in his eyes, the man said with icy sarcasm, “You must follow us whether you like it or not! As to how youll look when you leave with us, its up to you to decide whether you want it done with dignity or without! My master told me to give you some face so you have the option to keep your dignity before we turn rough!”

This was the last act of kindness from his nephew, and this was on account of their kinship!

Breathless, he felt his heart constrict, as if a heavy stone were weighing down on it.

He stumbled a few steps backward, and just as he looked out the window in a hurry, he heard the man say frigidly, “Theres no need to look! The guards stationed around the house were all taken care of!”


He shuddered in fear and vexation.

What will be will be!

Am I really doomed this time

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