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“Its such a coincidence.

Fate really seems to be playing with people sometimes!” He sighed wisely.

Never did he expect for the world to still be so small with its over six billion population; after the twists and turns, they turned out to be family.

That being said, his grandfather, a family head, was Gong Shaoying.

His mouth twitched at the corner.

Life was indeed mysterious and wonderful!

“Your mother gave birth to you when she was just eighteen”

Gong Jie ended up posing his burning question.

“Being pregnant with you at such a young age, shes probably still in school and had yet to graduate, right Why did she give birth so early”

His question stumped the boy and he did not give his uncle a response at first notice.

He then ambiguously answered, “Actually, mommy gave birth to twins.

I still have an older brother!”

He avoided the subject.

How could he bring up what had happened seven years ago!

Seven years ago, faced with her adoptive Yun familys companys imminent bankruptcy, his mother signed a surrogacy contract with the Mus to help pay off their debts.

If his uncle found out about that, he would surely hold another bloody grudge against the Mu family.

He would be unable to dispel his hatred for them in this lifetime.

“Is she married”

The man was very concerned about this problem.

Touching his nose, Youyou answered, “Yes, but because of mommys special status, they have yet to hold a wedding.”

To him, his parents were already married.

All they lacked were a certificate and a grand wedding.

Speaking of which, his parents were actually cohabiting.

“What status”

“Mommy is a celebrity! Shes currently busy with her career, and thats why the wedding keeps getting postponed.”

However, the more his uncle heard, the more confused he became.

“Shes an unwed mother, then”

The corner of the boys lips tugged slightly.

“Yes, you can say that.”

Gong Jies eyes twitched.

“Why not get married since they already have kids The reputation as an unwed mother isnt good for a woman if the news gets leaked!”

His tone suddenly turned frosty.

“Is that jerk messing around with my sister”

Youyou was startled by his aggressive tone.

“Calm down, uncle! Calm down; dont get agitated!”


The man was unable to calm down, though.

He would get all serious whenever Yun Shishi was in the picture.

“Uncle, too much concern leads to confusion; calm down for a bit! If daddy cant give mommy a status, Ill be the first to disapprove of their relationship!” The boy elegantly laughed.

“Who is the man, anyway”

He gritted through clenched teeth.

Somehow, he held a great deal of hostility toward his sisters man.

He reeked of jealousy!

The boy broke out in a cold sweat.

He could finally see it clearly.

This Gong Jie was actually a siscon1…

His lips twitched at the corner as he gave him a cursory reply.

“Im about to eat dinner now.

Lets talk again when were free, uncle! Im ending the call.”

“Wait, you havent answered my question yet—”

Before the man could complete his words, he ended the call.

His mother had just returned home when he walked into the dining room.

His twin flew right into her arms before he could react.

“Mommy, youre back!”

Little Yichen embraced her cheerfully.

One day apart seemed like three years.

Youyou shot his brother a look; what a sticky little lad he was!

The woman bowed and stroked his head.

“Little Yichen, did you behave at home”

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