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Chapter 135: Take It Off

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The compliment was so cheesy even Little Yichen detected the insincerity in her words.

In the tense and stifling silence of the dressing room, the praise sounded fake and awkward.

There was no competition or comparison at all.

Yun Shishi was able to wow everyone present when she was wearing the gown earlier.

Mu Wanrou who was now dressed in the same gown was greatly overshadowed.

The dress was elegant and sophisticated, yet it looked unbearably tacky on Mu Wanrou’s body.

Yun Shishi had a good figure, with her slim waist, slender long legs, elegant shoulders, and exquisite collar bones.

The gown was able to accentuate all these assets with just the right touch.

As for Mu Wanrou, she just did not have the right figure to carry off this gown.

Her voluptuous figure looked vulgar and crude in the dress.

Mu Yazhe opened his eyes to have a look and immediately felt disgusted at the sight of her.

He recalled how incomparably magnificent Yun Shishi had looked in this gown; it was a sharp contrast from what he was seeing now.

There was a long silence before Alan launched his perfunctory praise, “Young Mistress Mu, you look… good in this dress!”

Mu Wanrou’s face turned dark at his phony compliment.

Unhappily looking at the dull and awkward faces of those around her, she forced out a smile and asked, “Why You mean I don’t look good in this, right!”

Han Yuyan smilingly replied, “You look good.

Beautiful and elegant.”

Her words sounded hollow, though, as she truly did not know what else to praise.

It was in woman’s nature to compete and envy; Mu Wanrou would not allow Yun Shishi to outshine her.

Little Yichen was still young and did not understand the need for hypocrisy.

He frowned and said, “Mommy, you don’t look good in that!”

Han Yuyan’s mouth twitched ever so slightly. Why is this child so honest and direct

Mu Wanrou almost threw up at his next words.

“That pretty sister looks better in this gown! This dress doesn’t suit mommy, so it’s better if you change into another one!”

Her face looked more terrible now.

Han Yuyan tried to lessen the blow with a smile.

“He’s just a child.

He doesn’t know what he’s saying.

Young Mistress Mu does look good in that dress.”

“Hmph! You are so good at bootlicking.

Are you trying to embarrass my mommy at the reception tonight” Little Yichen harshly retorted when his taste was questioned.

His words really infuriated Han Yuyan.

Fearing that Mu Wanrou would take his words seriously, she quickly clarified, “Young Mistress Mu, I did not have such a thought!”

Mu Wanrou ignored her.

She walked toward Mu Yazhe and asked with a smile, “Zhe, do I look good in this dress”

She insisted on an answer from him.

It did not matter what others think; his approval would beat all the praises from anybody.

She had been disgraced, but his one word would salvage the situation.

If he said she looked good, no one would dare say otherwise!

His words were like edict that none had the courage to refute.

Mu Yazhe slowly raised his head and looked at her.

Seeing that there was no admiration and only intolerance in his eyes, Mu Wanrou’s heart turned cold.


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