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After Mu Qingcheng left the Mu household, she got in touch with Gong Shaoying.

The man reckoned that she had not turned up for their appointment because she had gotten cold feet.

However, when he finally learned the truth from her, including the fact that she was put under house arrest, he became furious and vowed to retaliate.

At that time, the Gong household went through a period of precipitation.

The familys affairs were put into his hands, and under his authority, their power grew strong enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Mu family.

They could finally stand in arrogance before the Mus.

However, the woman still had sentimental attachments with her family, so she asked him to leave a way out for them.

He was too infuriated to oblige and used all powers in his grasp to deal a severe blow to the Mu Group.

Mu Shengs heart was completely not in his family business at this point but only on the woman.

Desperately looking for her, he had no time to tend to it, and as a result, the Mu Group suffered a great loss under the Gongs offensive.

From then on, the group was demoralized as it lost its former glory.

Slowly, rumors about the family started to spread in the capital, saying that the legendary Mu Group would soon fall!

It was only after Mu Yazhe had taken over the helm that it could get back on its feet.

Of course, this was afterword!

When the woman told the Gong chap that she had a pair of twins with him, the latter was overjoyed!

Knowing that he had a daughter and a son with her moved him greatly.

He made a promise to her that, once he had settled everything at this critical period, he would bring her back to the Gong family, and they would live a happy life together with their children.

The woman was filled with much hope and anticipation for that day.

Her only dream was to lead a happy life with the man she loved, and she waited faithfully for him to fulfill this wish without a complaint or regret.

The man then single-handedly established Hurricane Group.

As he was busy dealing with the Eurasian maritime affairs for an extended period, he entrusted her and their children to a loyal subordinate in the country.

His close confidant had some powers as well and was able to conceal the whereabouts of the woman and her kids from Mu Sheng.

That day of the accident was their supposed rendezvous at the port.

He was supposed to take them away with him for good that day.

Alas, he had waited in vain for them to appear that day, subsequently missing a chance to see her again.

Unfortunately, this missed opportunity was a lifetime of regret.

What greeted him was the unfortunate news from his men, together with a smart-looking boy brought back from the hospital.

The boy had temporarily lost his memory due to a concussion received from the accident.

He forgot his name and could neither remember his mother nor his sister.

He did not even know who he was.

When the boy opened his eyes, he was still in a state of delirium; everything hung in a state of limbo.

His men rushed over and brought the boy back to his Gong family.

The moment he was told that his beloved woman had passed away, he was greatly affected.

For a long time, he was too stunned for words.

More than sorrow, he was overcome with despondency and a deep sense of helplessness!

He was one who owned much by that time, yet all he wanted was to be with his beloved woman whom he kept brushing by!

He did not expect to miss that opportunity in this lifetime.

From then on, he would be unable to see that charming countenance again!

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