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As if he had seen through her thoughts, he said, “Sis, youve misunderstood; father did not abandon us.”

“Dont you mention that man,” she responded sullenly.

“Hes unfit to be my father! Not once have I seen even his shadow, so why should I acknowledge him”

After a pause, she suddenly posed a skeptical question.

“Xiao Jie, where have you been for the past decade”

Gong Jie fell silent.

Lifting his gaze, he immediately told her what had happened two decades ago.

Back then, in the early days of Hurricane Groups establishment, it was merely a shipping conglomerate.

Gong Shaoying, the current almighty firearms magnate, was just a rich young master from a shipping family, whereas his father, Gong Li, was the famous shipping giant.

At that time, the Mu family was at the peak of its time.

He met Mu Qingcheng by chance at a banquet, where her slowly approaching figure in a Chinese attire instantly caught his attention.

The man, in his twenties then, was charming and extraordinarily handsome.

Despite having seen many beauties, the splendidly dressed woman left him deeply captivated!

He, thus, extended an invitation to her for a dance, which she readily accepted.

Romance sparked between the two during this dance, which led them to loving, knowing, and promising each other.

Afterward, Mu Sheng learned about this matter and quickly ordered the woman to break up with the Gong familys chap!

In his eyes, the mans family, then, was not at the same level as his Mu family.

Moreover, with his selfish desires for the woman to stay by his side forever, how could he tolerate other men coveting her

Alas, Mu Qingcheng, who had just reached the age where she learned about love, could not easily end her affections for the recently met man.

Although she gave her verbal promise to her adoptive father, she secretly rendezvoused with her lover, keeping the older man in the dark.

Gong Shaoying was also set on her, but at that time, his father had him go abroad to handle Asia and Europes maritime affairs.

He did persuade the woman to go with him, leaving the Mu family and the capital together.

She, however, could not bear to leave just like that after careful considerations, so she decided to come clean with her adoptive in hopes of receiving his blessings.

Unfortunately, not only did she fail to receive his blessings, the man even flew into a rage the moment he learned of this matter and ordered his men to place her under house arrest.

When she failed to appear at the agreed time and venue, Gong Shaoying left alone in disappointment.Visit web novel.

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Having missed their agreed time, her longing then turned into illness, which left her bedridden.

After examination, they found out that she was actually pregnant.

Mu Sheng knew at once whom the child belonged and got even more furious at the thought of her being an unwed mother of a sinful child.

In his anger, he ordered her to abort the child.

The woman did not let him do so.

In order to protect her child, she locked herself up in the bedroom and did not step out.

It was only later, with the help of a family servant, that she successfully escaped from the Mu residence to give birth to her child in secret.

In the end, it turned out to be a pair of twins—a girl and a boy.

From then on, she had eluded the Mu familys pursuit while secretly raising her two children, but due to a car accident, she was consumed in a sea of fire and passed away at a young age.

Yun Shishi and Gong Jie luckily survived that accident.

It was just that the two ambulances, which had arrived at the scene back then, unexpectedly brought the twins to different hospitals.

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