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She stared, her eyes wide and her mind blank, but rejected this supposition just as quickly.

Xiao Jie had been missing for so long.

She had, time and again, searched for him before, but there was absolutely no trace of him.

She had taken her missing brother as dead by now!

The fatal car accident, which had claimed her mothers life and had caused her brother to disappear, was an unremitting nightmare to her.

When she woke up at the hospital, her world had turned cold in an instant!

The happy family of three was reduced to her alone overnight.

She could not believe that her mother and brother could be so cruel to leave her by herself.

The painful memory reverberated in her head through every dark and cold night.

Now, suddenly, a man looking like her brother and calling her name gently had appeared before her.

She furrowed her brows as she looked dumbly at him.

Perhaps afraid of disappointment, she dared not raise her hopes.

“Do you… know me”

“Is your name Shishi—Gong Shishi”

“Who are you”

Her heart tightened in anticipation as her breathing quickened.

“Cant you recognize me Im Xiao Jie.”

The man stifled his anxiety; his knuckles, which were clutching onto her, could not stop shaking.

His face was ridden with agitation and unease as tension fleeted across his eyes.

She squinted and studied his features again, trying to match his face with the adorable and handsome boy in the depths of her memory.

Her careful examination was mistaken by the man as the latter having lost all memory of him.

His fingertips dug deeper into her shoulders as his eyes reflected a flaming anxiety, which threatened to burn her!

“Sis… have you really forgotten about me”

His voice cracked with pain as it hinted of disappointment and perturbation.

He inched his face closer for her eyes to take in fully his striking features in hopes of awakening her dormant memory!

“Sister, I didnt believe them when they said that youre dead! For years, Ive looked all over the world for you, and now that Ive finally found you, do you really not recognize me”


‘Ive looked all over the world for you…

He had looked all over the world for her!

She was taken by surprise and her eyes shone with shock; the hidden memories broke through all restraints to resurface in her mind.

“Xiao Jie, are you really him!”Read more chapter on NovelFull

She asked timidly.

She could not differentiate whether it was fact or fiction before her.

Her chest heaved in trepidation as she opened her eyes wide in obvious disbelief.

The man hugged her tightly in elation.

He was no longer looking proud and arrogant; instead, he seemed to return to his boyish self of decades ago when he was still a sweet and obedient boy sticking to her side.

“Sister… its me… Xiao Jie; Im Xiao Jie.

Sister, Ive finally found you.”

Ive finally found you.

His eyes rimmed red.

Once, he had given up hope, supposing that he had lost her forever.

Now, like a dream, the woman he had been searching for all this time was finally standing before him.

This feeling of reclaiming what he had once lost was just too overwhelming for him to put into words!

“I missed you; I missed you every minute and second that we were apart!”

Something broke through Yun Shishis lingering bewilderment, which flooded her with a wretched sense of warmth and joy.

Lifting her hands slowly, she caught hold of him and asked hoarsely, “Where have you been I thought you were dead!”

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