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Those reporters who had rushed over secretly captured this scene from a corner.

“A love entanglement between a mysterious man and Yun Shishi Both seen embracing intimately in public!”

“The rising star Yun Shishi appears in a mall, but whos the mysterious man besides her”

“Yun Shishis underground romance surfaces! Mall shopping with her mysterious boyfriend!”

The media quickly put together these few eye-catching words and then were hot on pursuit of the two!

“Yun Shishi, do you know this man Whats your relationship with him to be so intimate”

“…Is he your boyfriend How long have you been together”

“…Theres news of you going out with Gu Xingze.

Who is this gentleman to you, then Is he the rumored sugar daddy of yours”


The artist could not wrap her head around the current situation.

Everything had happened out of the blue, especially Gong Jies appearance here, that her thought processes had gotten disrupted.

As a result, she appeared like a lost soul under the reporters barrage of questions and the paparazzis shots.

With her eyes staring hollow in front of her, she was unable to say anything.

At her distraught state, her assistant quickly led the security to disperse the irritating reporters!

The paparazzi are too much! Theyre like buzzing flies that cant be swatted away.

A huge commotion ensued.

Hugging the womans shoulders tightly, Gong Jie tried to break free from the crowd.

A gungho reporter rushed to the pair with a voice recorder.

“May I know—”

As the reporter was in the middle of asking his question, an irritating look flashed across the young mans face, and he coldly retorted, “Get lost!”

Incensed by his spiteful rebuke, the reporter was about to react when a smattering of exclamations came from the crowd.

“Wow! What a blast from a cool beau!”

“He looks compatible standing beside her!”

The reporter gave a snort and moved to take a picture of them hugging when one of the mans subordinates rushed forward and knocked the camera out of his hand.

“Hey—thats rude! Why did you knock off my camera! Its expensive!”

Before the reporter could protest further, he was carried away by the man.

The poor camera was trampled and stepped on repeatedly by the rowdy crowd.

Before long, the remaining men from Gong Jies team had come over and started to clear the situation.

Just like him, his team was highly efficient.

Besides confiscating all the cameras and phones from the members of the media and deleting their captured videos and pictures, even those belonging to these passersby were not spared.

Everything was checked thoroughly to ensure that all related images were eradicated before the items were given back to their owners.

Everyone was dismissed and the scene was cleared in five minutes tops.

The artists assistant could only stare, open-mouthed, at one side.

The man turned around, his face resuming that tender indulgence as he looked at her.

“Shishi, do you recognize me”

Xiao… Jie

Was he her brother whom she had been separated from for a decade and a half

—Gong Jie.

This was his name in her memory.


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