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The boy looked notably unwilling, but when he looked up and saw the girls peeved look, he backed down at once.

His eyes drooped at the corner and he looked from his periphery before calling out awkwardly,Sister!

It was tender and moving.

‘Thats nice to hear! The girl smiled satisfactorily.

‘Say that again!

The boy turned around and looked at her.

Seeing happiness and satisfaction brimming on her face, a tinge of shyness crept across his crystalline eyes, and he opened his mouth again wryly.

‘Sister, lets play together, all right


“Shishi, I finally found you!” Gong Jie said in a hushed voice as he hugged her even tighter; it was so tight that she felt herself suffocating!

She had a moment of hesitation when she heard him calling and wondered why.

Why did she inexplicably lingered in his embrace when she obviously did not know him

They obviously did not know each other, so why did she feel cozy toward this man

She was not repulsed by his hug at all.

The way he held her so uncontrollably gave rise to a feeling of loss and heartache in her, too!

She could still hear him calling her name…

What a familiar voice!

This took her by surprise a lot, though, that she was at a loss on how to respond!

The crowd was bewildered as well.

“Yun Shishi, are you filming now”

“Who is he Can someone explain this to me”

Gong Jies assistants were also taken aback by this sudden occurrence and quickly went forward to maintain order.

Mu Xi happened to arrive with the security at this moment.

When she saw her artist trapped in the arms of a handsome man, she was stunned, too, automatically assuming that he was a crazy fan.

She hurriedly told the security to separate him from her charge.

Alas, the man was not to be trifled with.

The security guard was sent flying out of the crowd the moment he touched his shoulder.

Alarmed, everyone started to believe that this was acting after all.

How could there be such a formidable man in real life

Yun Shishi took this chance when he moved to look up and was again shocked by what she saw.

“You—” Her eyes widened in disbelief, her thoughts and reasonings intertwining wildly.

The man standing before her had deeply sparkling eyes like hers.

Every inch of his features was perfect.

In addition to a suave profile with delicate and sharp features, he had a high nose bridge and floaty lips.

He looked like a sculpture of a master craftsman.

“You…” She did not know how to continue.

He looked down and into her eyes.

A rare, gentle smile appeared on his usually aloof face.

His smile was always proud, arrogant, and willful.

It was only in front of her that he would express such tenderness that could swoon anyone.

Many in the crowd were transformed into his fans.

“He looks so stylish when he smiles! Is this a drama hes acting in Ill definitely watch the series to the end once its shown on TV!”

“Who is this actor Whats his name I havent heard of him before; can someone tell me Ill definitely support him!”

A fair number of people had taken him as an idol in the entertainment industry.

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