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Actually, Yun Shishi had only acted in one movie, appeared in a few print ads, and one idol drama music MV.

Otherwise, she had little exposure and, at best, would be deemed as a budding starlet.

However, her high exposure had made her a household name quickly.

She was still not in league with other veteran actresses like Han Yuyan and Yang Mi, though, but thanks to Lin Fengtian and Gu Xingzes appeal, plus the rumors surrounding her and the superstar, she was acknowledged by many as a major star as well.

In the publics eyes, the actor was a supreme idol insulated from all sorts of gossip.

Other than some occasional speculations from the media or his female co-leads trying to ramp up their popularity by associating him to them, there was hardly any rumor about him and other actresses.

He was considered devoid of any entertainment scandals!

Hence, even though the superstars PR team did not deliberately cook up a storm about him and Yun Shishi, the public had earnestly taken her as the next in line forMrs.


Yo, shes the actress recently working with Gu Xingze!

Shes been very popular recently.

Humans were vain, after all.

If I can post a picture of me with a movie star to our group chat, surely, Ill steal all the limelight, wont I

“Yun Shishi, can you take a picture with me”

“Yun Shishi, are you really in a relationship with Gu Xingze”

“Its not true, right Its impossible for them!”

“I watched the trailer ofThe Green Apple.

Both look compatible actually! If shes really with the superstar, Ill support them!”

“Yun Shishi, can you take a group photo with us”

The voices behind her continued to call out relentlessly.

She peeked over her shoulder and saw that the crowd had increased from the initial three to a sizable group.

Most were shopping inside the mall when they heard a loud voice saying, “A superstar is here!”

Upon knowing that it was this co-star, who was recently rumored to be involved with the superstar, they rushed up to have a closer look as well.

It was a rare opportunity to be up close and personal with an idol or a star.

Besides, many of them were nosy about her relationship with Gu Xingze and wanted to probe further.

Before long, more and more fans started to gather around.

She was lost and desperate like a hapless fly inside the spacious mall.

She rarely visited the shopping malls in the first place.

After becoming a public figure, the chances of window shopping were further reduced and she had to resort to online shopping most of the time.

However, many of the items she got online were not to her satisfaction; hence, the idea of visiting the mall emerged today!

She wandered around the mall and took many detours along the way, only to lead herself accidentally into a dead end.

Breathing in deeply, she turned around but realized, to her dismay, that the crowd had totally blocked her way out.

What is this…

What am I gonna do

She stood rooted to the spot helplessly, breaking out in a nervous, cold sweat.

Her mind went blank all of a sudden!

She called Mu Xi and whispered her location into the phone, asking for help out of this dire predicament.

Her assistant told her that she would arrive in ten minutes; this would mean that she had to defend herself in the meantime, unfortunately.

What could she do now

She could not think of any instant solution!

“Yun Shishi, Im your fan.

Can I take a picture with you” asked a passerby excitedly.

She sipped her dry lips and wondered inwardly, Fans Where do these fans come from

Other than the movieThe Green Apple, she had not filmed any production.

Where in the world did the groupies come from

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