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When Yun Yehou was young, he built a new house in his hometown through a lot of hard labor.

With much dignity, he married a woman called Xiang Yu, who eventually gave birth to a pair of daughters.

Originally, their lives had been peaceful and smooth.

However, after he was involved in an accident, there had been changes in their way of living.

His wife initially did not have to do labor outside and just had to mind the planting of crops in their few farmlands, while he was in charge of working outside to earn money for their living expenses.

When the man received a heavy injury at his workplace and his lower body half became paralyzed, the supporting pillar of the family naturally collapsed, causing them to lose half of their net income.

With that, the heavy burden had all landed on his wife.

Initially, his wife did not have any complaints.

She would work in the fields during the day before taking care of him and his mother at night.

Alas, as time went by, the woman became unhappy.

She had to work in the day and care for a sickly mother-in-law and a paralyzed husband at night.

Gradually, she began to have many complaints.

She was unhappy with not just Yun Yecheng but her husband as well.

When Yun Yechengs family financial circumstances were splendid, he had not helped in caring for his ailing mother much.

He only sent money back to them, but when he had lost everything, his younger brother had actually gone behind her back to give him money!

Now that he was lying paralyzed in bed, he did not even inform his older brother about it.

The latter had not gone to visit them in a long time, either.

Therefore, she had suggested for them to ask back for the money he had given his older brother during his time of need to ease their hard times now.

Her husband refused.

He said that his brother was not having it easy as well—that he had expenses and his life was also tough in the city.

The couple had a huge fight because of that.

From then on, she no longer put effort in taking care of him and grandmother.

Her actions became half-hearted.

When she learned that Yun Yecheng was coming home for their mothers funeral and wanted to bring his younger brother to the city with him, Xiang Yu proposed to come along as well.

He naturally could not reject her out of embarrassment, but when his younger brother heard about it, he was angry.

He was afraid that his family would be a burden to him, so he refused to move to the city.

His wife shouted at him right in front of his older brother.

“Why! When your brothers family was rich, we didnt take anything from them! When he was rich, we were the ones still taking care of mother.

When his business went bankrupt, you gave him our money without informing me! How much savings do we have for you to give him so much! Now, we cant even afford a wheelchair! Im working myself to death in the fields, yet I still have to take care of you when I reach home.

How am I supposed to endure all this Since your brother said that he wants to bring you to the city to live comfortably, then you should go! Im following you so that I can take care of you better.

Im not scheming against them! Moreover, our daughters can find proper jobs in the city to take care of their families.

Do you want them to be like me, farming crops at home Are you silly You can have a comfortable life, yet you are choosing to live a hard one! Even if you arent thinking about yourself, shouldnt you at least consider it for us! Our daughters may be able to find their future partners in the city and settle down there! As for you, shouldnt you think about your older brother Dont think that Im after anything from your brothers family.

Plus, what does his family have now, anyway His business is in shambles and his family is bankrupt.

If thats so, you shouldve just lived with your brother.

Why did you marry me for”

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