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Mu Lianjue burst into a fit of violent coughs in his agitation before continuing to explain hoarsely.

“I didnt do it purely for my self-interest! Its also for the sake of the Mu Group! I couldnt just stand by and watch our familys business empire become a wasteland overnight! Its our blood, sweat, and tears! I couldnt let him trample on it!”

“Thats enough!” As if completely drained, the Mu Linfeng let out a tired sigh.

“I dont wish to pursue that matter which is already over.

Lianjue, you should stop what youre doing, too!”

“Second brother, what should I do now You cant leave me alone!”

The sight of his brother made him sigh again.

“I could tell that you are the most utilitarian and ambitious among us brothers when we were still young! I do admit and wont deny that you have quite outstanding abilities among us! Those ridiculous things you did, though, are too much!”

His younger brother gritted his teeth in indignation.

“I was young and indignant back then! I was indignant, so I wanted that old man to taste the pain of losing his loved ones one after another!”

“Thats enough—shut up!”

He took a moment to mull things over before suddenly instructing, “Later, Ill send my men to protect you and arrange a flight to the US for you as soon as possible! Go lie low abroad for now.

You can return to the country once the coast is clear!”

“I understand!”

Despite his indignation, the current situation left Mu Lianjue with no choice.

He had lost this battle with nothing left.

Everything was over!

What he could do at the moment was to lie low abroad!

Mu Yazhe received a call from his second uncle when he was back in his office.

The older man cut to the chase once the call connected.

“Theres something I want to tell you! Im protecting Lianjue; if you still give me face, then dont you touch him, lest it hurt the harmony in the family!”

Despite the firm and non-negotiable tone, it was rare for the older man to lower his pride before him.

After much consideration, he decided to ease the situation with his nephew.

His words left the young man scoffing, though.

“Do you need to report your decision to me, second uncle”

“Yazhe! You should know when to stop! Let bygones be bygones!”


“Im responsible for this matter, too! If I had known about your fourth uncles ambitions beforehand, I wouldve taken caution against him! You should know; I pay attention to the unity of the family and dislike engaging in division.

Im very sorry and sad about your fathers death! I, too, am furious and shocked about your fourth uncle, but some methods are simply too much and inhumane!”

“What is humane Second uncle, are you talking about humanity with me in the Mu family”


There was only the cold, unfeeling power struggle in their large family; what humanity was there to talk about

How ludicrous!

Only one would know best by personal experience.

Perhaps to his uncle, a simple apology could easily wrap up the matter of his fathers death; it was as if the matter would fly with the wind far away once he opened his mouth!

The rich had to lead their lives treading on thin ice.

Hell would be awaiting them as a result of a momentary slip!

There was simply no end to power struggles.

Even though he was well aware of it, he could never forget that pain.

The pain that had almost destroyed him.

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