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He had always been strong in nature and had never shed a tear even when he was seriously injured.

Tears involuntarily leaked from his burning eyes when he hugged his twin now, though.

“Well never be apart from now on!” he solemnly declared.

His tight embrace nearly suffocated Youyou.

“Brother, a little gentler; Im hurting…” he cried out helplessly.

“Oh.” His brother loosened his arms.

Before he could take in another breath, the boy hugged him tightly again!


“Youyou, Ive promised to always protect you; its my fault for letting you sustain such heavy injuries this time…”


“Do you blame me”

“My wounds… are hurting,” he weakly hinted.

Startled, Mu Yichen hastily released him.

He could not help bursting into laughter when he caught sight of his older twins flustered expression.

The latters face stiffened, and he asked with puzzlement.

“What are you laughing about”

“Brother, I just realized that youre quite amusing.” Youyou chuckled behind his hand.

“What do you mean”

“Youre very mushy,” he answered.

The older twin smacked his lips, his heart chilling drastically.


The younger boy stroked the older one on his head helplessly.

“Good boy, arent I home now”

His brother turned strangely red in the face but smiled, nonetheless, feeling rather greedy for the warmth of his hand.

Their parents approached them, exchanging glances at the sight of this loving scene between the two, little lads.

“So loving”

Yun Shishi could not help teasing them despite being glad of their good rapport.

She suddenly recalled the time when the two boys first met; the younger one despised his brother and they were not close at all.

Now that the brothers were on such good terms, her worries were mostly elevated.

Youyou smacked his forehead helplessly at having been made fun of by his mother.

She continued.

“Little Yichen, you look like an ancient wife waiting for her husband to return home with your earlier display.”

His father chimed in, “The Amah Rock1.”

His mother immediately echoed, “Yes, the Amah Rock…”

The little lad in question did not know what they meant by that.

His younger twin understood, though.

His face stiffened a little before he whined, “Hey!”

He instantly pouted in feigned annoyance.

His older brother was baffled.

“Youyou, what did daddy and mommy mean by it”

He earnestly replied, “Dont ask anymore since you dont know.”

The others lips shriveled in defeat.

Feeling even more amused, their mother stepped forward to hug the boys in each of her arms. These two are simply so amusing! She chuckled inwardly and reached out to graze the older ones nose.

The twins exchanged smiles.

Back home, the mother specially cooked a sumptuous dinner for the boys.

Her cooking skills were a little rusty since it had been a long time since she last cooked.

Naturally, her cooking could not compare to Youyous, but she had put in the effort and the food taste was not bad; she had improved a little compared to before.

Mu Yichen was filled with expectations for his mothers cooking.

Once the dishes were all served on the table, he impatiently sampled a mouthful, instantly arching a brow in approval.

“Mommys cooking is excellent!”

“Really Eat more, then!” She felt encouraged.

At the side, the man mercilessly gave his evaluation.

“Barely satisfactory!”

His womans face fell and she shot him a look.

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