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A few children huddled around Yun Shishi with faces full of unspeakable yearnings.

Youyou, who was blocked by the crowd, could not see what was happening at the village gates.

All he heard were intermittent screams and exclamations.

Vermilion Bird walked abreast with him.

Concerned that he might be squashed by the unruly mob, she held him in one arm and separated the crowd with the other.

Her strength was truly astonishing.

Like a magician performing magic, she easily pushed a burly and stout man aside with one hand!

That man almost stumbled and fell; he turned around and was about to scold her when her frigid look scared him into silence at once.

Standing tall at 1.8 meters, her presence was extremely overpowering.

Youyou thought to himself as he observed the scene, The women of Mercenary Paradise are indeed extraordinary.

Lisa was already unbelievable, and now, this woman revealed herself as a fearless demoness by leading the bunch of mercenaries.

Her superb combat prowess, coupled with her cold eyes, was extremely intimidating.

“Youyou!” Linglings cry rang loud in the crowd.

Having caught sight of him, she hurriedly called out to him with her eyes wide in surprise.

Her excited shout stood out in the swarm of people and alerted the boys mother.


She seemed to hear a child calling her sons name

Where is he

She eagerly walked toward the horde.

Mu Yazhe stopped her, though, and pulled her back to his side.

“Whats the matter”

“Dont move around!”

The man glanced obliquely at his assistant.

“Why are there so many people crowding here”

Min Yu could not help shuddering slightly in fear, turning to give a sweeping look of resignation across the group.

He could hear someone shouting distinctly when his car halted to a stop.

“A big boss has come to our village!”Visit on our vipnovel.com

Within seconds, the gates were crowded with villagers who wanted to take spectate.

“Please wait a while, boss; Ill go and disperse the people now!” As he told his superior this, he walked toward the gathered crowd with a few men.

This was when a commotion was heard from within.

As the villagers parted to form a path, the little boy was startled to see his parents and immediately called out, “Daddy, mommy!”

His mother followed the direction of his voice and looked over, only to see Vermilion Bird holding him in one of her arms; she smiled and rushed to him.

His father saw him as well and gently pushed aside those blocking his way, taking huge strides toward the female mercenary.

Everyone stared at them, astounded.

By the time their attention was brought back to the present, the beautiful woman had brought the child tightly in her arms.

That forbidden-looking man had also walked over to take the child into his embrace from the womans arms.

This was when the mob realized that the two were the kids parents!

This was unexpected.

The parents were so young!

The lady was just in her twenties and looked so tender and fresh.

If not for her looking slightly mature in the dress, they would take her as a fresh, high-school graduate!

In addition, looking at this man…

It was no wonder the child looked so handsome with exquisite elegance; he had inherited his fathers well-chiseled features and regal presence!

The children, especially, were watching the boy in his fathers arms with envy and amazement!

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