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Mu Yazhe: “”

He did not know from whom did this lad learn to speak in this manner.

The boy nonchalantly added, “I have a wish that you need to fulfil.”

Curious, the other asked, “What wish”

“Work harder; I want mommy to give birth to a little sister!”

His son truthfully revealed his little wish.

He could not help bursting into laughter.

They shared the same wistful thoughts!

Completely unaware of his fathers thoughts, the boy gushed, “I want a little sister.

Daddy, work harder and quickly fulfill this wish of mine!”

The man asked, “Were you telling your mommy that earlier”

“Yes!” He nodded hesitantly.

“I told mommy that I want a little sister.”

The man fell silent for a moment.


After a moment of pondering, his son could not help saying, “Daddy, theres a question Ive been wanting to ask you for a long time.”

He silently looked at him and prompted, “What question”

“He he!” The boy leaned forward smilingly.

“Where did I come from”

“…” His father was stumped for words by his question.

Will all children ask this question

Why didnt he ask this when he was a kid

Little Yichen could not help urging his father when the latter remained silent for a long time.

“Daddy, is this question difficult to answer Tell me! Tell me; tell me!”

The man shot him a glance and gave him an ambiguous answer!

“You came out of your mommys stomach!”

Upon hearing this, the lad knitted his brows; he was unable to comprehend it fully.

He did not really understand!

He knew that he came out from his mothers stomach!

He had also come across pregnant ladies with bulging stomachs on a usual basis.

At first, when he saw their swelling stomachs, which looked like balloons, he was a little astounded; he thought that they had some kind of illness.

However, according to his teacher, it was because their stomachs had babies!

He was amazed by that fact!

Hence, he also understood that his mothers stomach was bloated like those women when she was younger.

Mommy was probably very tired during her pregnancy!

The childs world was ever so simple and innocent; their thirst for knowledge was insatiable.

He knew that he came out from his mothers stomach, but the crux was that he did not understand how he got in and out of her stomach!

Thus, he asked the question that had been bugging him.

“Daddy, answer me this, then: How did I get into mommys stomach”


After a moments silence, the other gave him a typical, official response.

“Youll know it when you grow up!”


Greatly dissatisfied with his perfunctory answer, the boy straightened his waist at once and lifted his arms, showing off the muscle lines on them.

“Daddy, Im all grown up now! Look!”

His father was again at a loss for words.


“Tell me; tell me! How did I go in” he jabbered persistently.

With an arched brow, Mu Yazhe came up with a mysterious yet literal answer.

“Because I planted a seed in her stomach.”

The boy widened his eyes in amazement.

“A seed”


“Eh A seed…”

“You and your brother are the products of that seed!”


The boy was again mind-blown.


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