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It was easy to see her dependence on her brother!

The older brother carefully protected her throughout; the love and warmth in his eyes made the entire picture seemed so loving!

He was utterly envious.

He wanted to have such a sister so he could also pamper her in such a way, care for her, and grow up with her!

This was Little Yichens ultimate dream.

In his heart, he believed that, if he had a sister, he would definitely be a successful yet responsible older brother!

As such, with raised hopes, the boy gazed up at his mother with expectant eyes, which seemed to be saying,Mommy, give birth to a younger sister! I want a younger sister!

Feeling momentarily shy and helpless, Yun Shishi did not know how to respond to the childs expectation.

The man glanced at her expression and leaned closer to her with a smirk on his face to whisper, “What did he just say”

“I… I didnt hear anything,” she muttered softly, intending to feign ignorance until the end!

He squinted at her.

This woman was clearly brushing him off!

Dissatisfaction involuntarily surged in him.

At his sons blind spot, he gave her a light smack on the butt, his tone dipping threateningly.


“You—” She was rendered speechless.

How could this man be so evil to tease her in front of their kid!

Although the boy did not see his little action, he caught sight of her shooting his father an angry look.

He raised his voice indignantly, “Daddy, youre bullying mommy again!”

Mu Yazhe: “…”

This little lad is biased, indeed!

Little love rival!

The man inwardly muttered to himself, It seems that, not only will I have to compete with Youyou for favor in the future, this little lad will also join in the battle!

His sons all favored their mother.

Both were unexceptionally protective of her.

He could not help feeling jealous.

His eyes narrowed.

He could not help thinking how great it would be if they had a daughter!

It was said that daughters were the lovers of their fathers in their past lives; daughters loved sticking to their fathers!

He hoped that he could have alittle princess, too.

Speaking of which, the Mu household was a patriarchal family.

Although some things sounded unpleasant, mothers had always been able to ascend in status because of their sons in his family; it remained an unchanged truth that his family favored boys!

Sons were more precious than daughters!

Especially in a wealthy family like the Mus, the status for those with sons was different than those with daughters!

Take Mu Shengs third wife as example; her first two children were daughters.

Upon learning from an ultrasound that her third pregnancy was still with a daughter, she decisively aborted the child.

It was only at her fourth pregnancy that she was finally blessed with a son, letting her heave a sigh of relief.

Though it was ironic, this was common among the rich.

In the Song familys case, the reason Jiang Qimeng could enter it was, besides her influential family background, Jiang Yishan.

After the latter married into the Mu family, the Jiangs received lots of benefits from them; hence, their status in the capital rose, too.

However, the Songs were dissatisfied with Jiang Qimeng joining them.

Back then, Song Zhengguo preferred Jiang Yishan, who was also Mu Yazhes mother, but she ended up becoming a Mu.

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