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Chapter 1273: Mommy, I miss you a lot.

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When the man arrived there with his woman, Little Yichen was in bed with a wan face.

He made a fuss about getting out of bed the moment he woke up.

Only after he had received news that his twin was found did he calm down and return to bed to eat some porridge obediently.

According to the doctor, he only suffered superficial injuries; none of his nerves or bones was damaged.

It was just that because the infected wounds did not receive timely treatment, they became inflamed and caused a high fever.

Fortunately, the boy had a strong physique.

After a nights rest, his fever quickly subsided.

The depletion of all his energy was the cause of his unconscious state, and he soon regained some vitality after a few rounds of IV drips.

The doctor could not help marveling at his excellent physique.

Yun Shishi entered the ward and slowly approached his sickbed.

She lowered her head to examine his pale face carefully.

His eyes slowly opened at the sound of movements.

At the sight of his mother, his dry lips quivered as he squeezed out, “Mommy…”

His eyes instantly rimmed red.

It seemed to have taken a lifetime for the mother-son pair to reunite!

Their several days of separation appeared to be as long as a century!

“Yichen…” With red eyes, the woman gently hugged him.

She did not dare to exert strength, lest he get hurt when she touched his wounds.

Her heart throbbed painfully and sorrowful tears leaked from her eyes when she recalled that he had suffered so much for her sake.

“Im sorry… Im so sorry…”

He attempted to open his eyes a little bigger as he raised his heavy hands to encompass her shoulders with them in a hug.

“Mommy, Im back now!”

“Mm…” She embraced him a little tighter, choking, “Little Yichen, mommy missed you very much…”

His expression changed a little and his eyes suddenly rimmed red.

The boy, who had desperately been holding back his tears, could no longer do so, and tears streamed out of his eyes at once.

He hugged her tightly, too.

Resting his head in the crook of her neck, he sobbed.

“Mommy, Little Yichen missed you a lot, too…”

Mu Yazhe slowly walked over and sat at the bedside.

His long arms reached for the mother-son pair to hug them.

The trio hugged one another tightly.

For the first time in the mans life, he had the impulse to cry.

He had never felt this way before.

The warmth in his heart flowed with his blood and gradually warmed up his cold limbs!

Suddenly, the boy raised his head smilingly at him.

“Daddy, Yichen obediently heeded your words and protected mommy and little brother!”

He looked at the little lads pale face with mixed emotions.

He was completely unaware of what the two kids had experienced, such that this boy, who had always been physically strong, exerted all his energy!

For a moment, his heart was in a turmoil; gratification, heartache, guilt, remorse… surged in him at once.

He could not help laughing at his sons proud little face, though!

This little lad did not disappoint him!

He had a great sense of responsibility despite his young age, so he generously praised him!

“You did very well!”

The boy could not help smiling in his surprise and revealed two neat rows of pearlescent teeth.

“Eh Is daddy complimenting me”

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