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"Director Shao, you are here, too" Qin Zhou asked with astonishment once he recognized the person who had walked out of the VIP room.

Shao Dong nodded at him with a fake smile.

An elegant figure emerged from the room soon after, and the dressing room suddenly became brighter and grander.

Han Yuyan was in a gorgeous gown with a train.

The exquisite and delicate makeup she was wearing complemented her pair of startlingly expressive eyes, which could seduce almost any man.

Yun Shishi was also blown away by her beauty.

So beautiful…

She did not avidly follow the entertainment news, so she was unable to recognize the beauty before her.

Han Yuyan, who was one of the four most popular actresses in the current film industry, was also the most highly paid first-rate actress.

She acted in a teen movie called 'Bamboo Dragonfly' at sixteen.

Her sweet and innocent screen image was idolized by tens of millions of fans; she went viral in the filming scene.

'Bamboo Dragonfly' was the first film directed by Lin Fengtian.

It won him Best Director in Hundred Flowers Film Festival and Golden Pin Awards.

Gu Xingze was dubbed as 'China's Most Handsome Bachelor' after his role as the male protagonist in that film, while Han Yuyan became 'China's First Love'.

She was the goddess in the eyes of many men after that.

Many newcomers shot to fame after acting in Lin Fengtian's film.

The ladies in his movie were nicknamed 'Phoenix1 Girls', but none could compare to Han Yuyan's popularity.

She was way ahead of many in the country's filming industry, and no one could catch up to her.

Back then, Gu Xingze and Han Yuyan were recognized as the 'Golden Couple' on screen and collaborated in a few other movies and TV shows.

It was once rumored that romance had blossomed between the two for real, and that they were seeing each other in secret.

However, not long after, Han Yuyan was unexpectedly confirmed to be romantically involved with the young director of Shao Group.

This ended the gossips of their 'Star Story2 Romance'.

There was a gossip being passed around in the entertainment industry.

According to it, Han Yuyan was from a poor family and very materialistic, and that she was not as innocent as she looked.

There were other gossips, too.

One said that when Gu Xingze lost his mother, Han Yuyan was constantly by his side.

She even refused movie offers so she could stay by his side.

Another rumor claimed that they were seeing each other for quite some time, but she was discovered to be after his fame and fortune, so their romance ended… Another tale described how he only regarded her as his sister and could not reciprocate her feelings for him.

They went their separate ways once she found another way to reach the top…

Alan hurried over to Han Yuyan's side and smilingly praised, "Miss Han, you look fabulous! All eyes will be on you in tonight's gala!"

Han Yuyan looked abashed with his praise on the outside but was actually rejoicing on the inside.

She smiled at her reflection in the mirror and asked her partner, "Shao Dong, what do you think"

She did not get a response from him.

She was rather annoyed with his silence and turned to look at him disapprovingly.

This was when she noticed that his eyes were on Yun Shishi, who was walking toward the changing room.

Seeing Yun Shishi, he found her to be oddly familiar.

He could not recall her unfamiliar face, yet her eyes' expression was engraved deeply in his heart.


A phoenix is reborn from its ashes in Chinese mythology.

Thus, in China, it refers to a woman who has a meteoric rise to fame from humble beginnings.


'Xing' in Gu Xingze's name means 'star' in Chinese.

'Yu' in Han Yuyan's name means 'word' or 'story' in Chinese.


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