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In this village, people tended to talk when one could not produce a son.

Without a son, there would be no progeny!

Her husband and mother-in-law had looked down on her as a result of that.

Hence, she had been finding ways and means to adopt a son so that, when they were old and infirm, he could look after them.

“You can be my son and Ill look after you.

Ill be good to you, all right Come follow me!” The woman wanted to save face and continued to coax him along.

He simply refused, “No!”

Lingling spread her arms to shield him behind her.

“Auntie Feng, even if Youyou were abandoned by his parents, he would be with us, not you!”

Everyone laughed.

A sensible child stepped forward and said, “Auntie, he is timid so you shouldnt frighten him in this way!”

Saying that, he turned to the boy and Lingling.

“Auntie Feng is just teasing you.

He he!”

The boy was vexed.

He disliked being teased by the adults.

Besides, he was a smart boy and could see that the auntie was only pulling his leg.

If this were to happen to other kids, they would have burst into tears in fright.

Lingling gave chase when she saw him get up and walk away.

“Big brother, where are you going”

“Im going to take a walk; dont follow me.”

“No, no.

I wanna go with you, all right Please”

At Disheng Financial Groups office, the equity transfer ceremony was supposed to start at twelve noon.

However, Mu Linfeng had postponed it repeatedly to a time slot in the afternoon.

Inside the CEOs office, Mu Yazhe sat at the desk while mindlessly playing with the ZIPPO lighter in his hand.

His second uncle was seen sitting on the couch at one end without a word.

Besides Mu Lianjue, the rest of the major shareholders were present.

The directorship meeting in Disheng was formed by the family members from the Mu.

Mu Yazhe was the biggest shareholder, followed by his second uncle, and then Mu Shumin.

Mu Shumins mother was the first wife of Mu Sheng; she was considered as Mu Yazhes senior within the family hierarchy.

Because of her status in the family, she was prominent in the political arena.

Thus, there was hardly a need for her to join any board meeting normally.

It was different this time, though.

A piece of news came that her nephew was going to transfer his shares to Mu Lianjue!

She was the first to oppose this when she heard it from Mu Linfeng.

Before the young chap arrived at the office, his second uncle already gave the gist to all the members at the meeting.

He told them that the man was giving away his shares willingly for the sake of a woman!

Everyone could not believe their ears when they heard that.

This was because they had seen what the young man had gone through to climb up to this prestigious seat inside the Mu empire at a tender age of twenty-seven!

One must know all the intricacies and all the intrigue surrounding this complex family.

There was so much in-fighting and many competitions that a member had to face and fight before reaching the seat of honor.

What the man had accomplished was no mere feat!

The issue was that many had surrendered in the end when they faced an opponent like Mu Yazhe despite putting up a tough fight.

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