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“Its fine, you dont have to worry about this.” Youyou was surprised.

The man was actually still feeling guilty about this matter!

As soon as his daughter heard that the big brother would stay for the night, she jumped in glee.

“Yeah! Ah pas the best! The best! Im really happy that big brother is staying at our house tonight!”

A smile bloomed on her face as she danced with joy.

Well, kids were always lacking in playmates.

For a child her age, having one more playmate was a jubilant thing.

Besides, in her eyes, not only did he have a pretty look, his skin was fair and his eyes were big.

Hence, she was especially fond of this handsome, big brother.

The lads brows knitted slightly as he ignored the girl in favor of asking, “Besides the phone in that provision shop, is there no other phone in this large village that we can use to contact the outside world”

“Well… Its like this! Boy, to be honest, the communication system in our village is rather lagging.

Theres a huge mountain on the outside and a vast forest in the middle, which is under the governments jurisdiction! Plus, being an average-sized village, with only a couple hundred of villagers, the signal tower cant be built! That provision shops phone is already considered quite modern here.

Thats why the signal is intermittent, too.

Ha ha…”

The man flushed as he laughed apologetically.

Despite his disappointment, he did not complain about anything.

This man had treated him very well, after all.

Moreover, staying for a night was no big deal!

Thus, he nodded in reply.

“Okay, well see about it tomorrow!”

The man nodded and carefully explained again, “All right! Im worried that your parents may be anxiously looking for you, though! Alas, Im helpless about it.

Our village cant be compared to the city—all the facilities here are rather outdated…”

“It doesnt matter.

Ill have to trouble you for today, though!” He gave the farmer an elegant smile in appreciation.

The latter was startled and touched by his response.

He appeared to be a little restrained as he rubbed his hands, laughing dryly.

“Are you hungry”

“No, Ive just eaten a few slices of the taro cake.”

“Oh! Would you like to eat a few more slices” The mans enthusiasm was simply too overwhelming for the boy to handle!

“Oh! Would you like some water”


Thanks, uncle!” replied the boy sweetly.

The farmer was simply bursting with joy when he heard this.

Youyou was unlike those village kids who were wild and rude.

Being merely a seven-year-old child, the boy knew his manners; the way he called himuncle melted his heart.

From their conversation, he learned that the mans name was Zhao Xiangjun.

He was an ordinary farmer in the village, owning a few acres of land behind his house, which were planted with wheat and vegetables.

Being slightly skilled in hunting, he would hunt for some game in the forest in his leisure time.

Sometimes, when he was lucky, he would catch some deer.

He would then tear off the deers skin and sell it in a marketplace, often for a good price.

He basically did not have to worry about the months expenses then.

Their life was rather calm and relax.

His wife, Li Ru, was a typical peasant woman with dark, rough skin and a loud voice but was also hospitable and honest.

It was afternoon now.

The sun outside was getting hotter.

Youyou got off the bed to move around.


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