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Mu Yichen immediately took out the dagger strapped to his thigh and pried it into the teeth.

Under his repeated efforts, his brothers arm finally regained freedom.

The former instantly grabbed his arm and applied the emergency medication Lisa had thrown to them on his wound.

Having a low pain tolerance, Youyou could not help moaning lightly when his brother did so.

His shoulders convulsed uncontrollably and his scalp became numbed.

“Itll hurt a little; bear with it!”

His brother never once stopped his hand movements.

After the bleeding completely stopped, he pulled up his shirt and, crooking his head, tore a corner of the shirt with his teeth before skillfully bandaging the wound.

The instant he tied a dead knot using the cloth with his mouth, Youyou collapsed on him while panting heavily.

The girl standing at the holes mouth observed it for a bit.

It was a relatively new trap and had been set up not long ago.

Although it was not considered deep, the hole was about five to six meters into the ground.

It would be a little challenging to climb up with just bare hands.

She said, “Wait for me.”

With that, she turned to leave.

The younger boy leaned against the rock wall.

His injury was not serious, but due to the low temperature in the hole, his blood clumped up and his wound seemed to have frozen.

The pain was excruciating.

With his energy nearly depleted, his entire being was groggy and weak and he sat paralyzed on the floor.

From Mu Yichens observations of their surroundings, he deduced that this was likely a trap for catching animals.

He then sat down beside his brother and tried to pull up his sleeves, but they were clumped to the dried blood.

A broken arrow was probably on the ground when he stumbled earlier as an arrow head was currently piercing his arm.

He had been trying to endure the pain all this while.

Only after he pulled up his sleeve did he realize that the wound had bled profusely.

His emotions took a long time to settle down when he recalled the earlier nerve-racking scene.

If not for the girl returning to rescue him, he would have likely been bitten in the throat by that jackal.

His brother was shocked to see the wound on his arm.

“What happened”

“Its fine; just a little hurt.”

Sitting up with difficulty, he held the dagger in his hand to cut a hole in his clothes, carefully tore his them apart, and pushed them off his shoulder.

He examined his wound for a while, looking at the broken arrow head stuck in his flesh.

With gritted teeth, he drew a cross on his wound with the tip of the knife and then forcefully plucked out the arrow head from it.

Blood splattered everywhere.

As he wiped away the blood splotches on his face, his brows knitted tightly at the sight of the arrow head.

He was worried that it had poison.

Hunters probably hunted in this mountainous terrain often.

Many hunters would apply poison to the tip of their arrows to numb the nerves of wild animals.

He gritted his teeth and kissed his wound after a moments hesitation.

A moment later, he turned his head and spat out a mouthful of blood before kissing it again with a frown.

He tore a strip of cloth from his clothes and swiftly bandaged his wound tightly thereafter.

When he raised his head, he saw his younger twins surprised look.

“Whats wrong”

Youyou was in a daze for quite some time.

Not because of anything else but because of his brothers skilled movements; did he often suffer from such injuries

“Stupid brother, do you often get hurt”

Startled, the older boy nodded slowly.



He answered truthfully, “When I was in a boot camp, I often got injured during field combat.”

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