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‘Yes, I have developed feelings for you! Mu Wanrou, Im in love with you! I cant get you out of my heart since our university days! I came to work at Disheng because of you! Are you truly unaware of my feelings for you! You should know that best! Youve even taken advantage of my feelings for you, but what about it I love you, and I am willing and wont hesitate to lay my life down for you!

The mans affectionate eyes lingered right on her.

In the next second, though, it flashed into the scene of him lying against the wall with a bullet in his head.

She abruptly broke into tears and wailed as she covered her eyes!


Dont die!

A voice in her heart screamed desperately.

Aaron, dont die…

Dont leave me…

The woman suddenly curled to herself and wept helplessly in despair.

It was only now that it occurred to her that she was wrong!

She was completely wrong!

She should not have pushed him away back then!

She should have listened to him back then.

She wanted neither wealth nor glamor anymore; she really no longer wanted to live her life in fear!

Looking back at her life, it seemed that only the man had loved her wholeheartedly and protected her without regrets!

During her time in the welfare center, the other children loved her because she shared her snacks and clothes to them.

Back at that family, Old Mu had showered her with love because she had stolen Yun Shishis identity; she was all along an imposter.

If not for that identity, why would he treat her with such love

As for Aaron, he was willing to give his all to her.

The man even wanted to elope with her and go somewhere far away from this troubled place.

At that time, he often told her, “Ill bring you away.

Lets leave this place and lead an ordinary life.

Although we may not have riches, Ill work hard for the sake of your lifetime happiness!”

Alas, she missed out on such a devoted man!

Back then, her mind was set on wealth and prosperity.

She was unwilling to give up everything after coming so far.

Hence, she paid no attention to his advice.

She clearly had so many opportunities; happiness was probably just a step away!


She was really tired!

Really exhausted!

She lived in constant fear!

No longer did she want to live such a life!

Alas, it was too late for regrets at this point.

There was neither medicine for regret nor a chance to start over.

She did not know what was awaiting her in this life…

Her grandpa should have discovered her identity by now, right

Knowing that she had colluded with Mu Lianjue to poison him, in addition to deceiving him for all those years, he probably loathed her!

She was more afraid of his disappointment with her than his hatred.

He had, all along, treated her as his own, yet because of her materialistic greed, she committed such an atrocious act on him.

Heavens, she was indeed vicious.

She seemed to have fallen into an abyss now.

Not only did she lose her child, even her life was in Mu Lianjues hands; her future was bleak.

She suddenly yearned for a peaceful life.

Never mind the lack of power or wealth, if she could have a man who loved her and a warm little home… unfortunately, it seemed like an extravagant dream now!

She clearly had the opportunity once!

She once had a man who loved her deeply without regrets!

When the child was still alive, she had pinned her yearnings on it!


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