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Youyous physique had never been good.

He was already panting just from walking a few steps down the slope.

He rarely trained as he spent most of his time in the hospital when he was much younger.

Even after getting better, he still did not have much opportunity to exercise outdoors.

Hearing his panting, Lisa bent down slightly and said, “Get on!”

The younger boy walked around her.

“I can walk by myself!”

However, the girl walked in front of him and blocked his way.

Without another word, she carried him like a princess.

Youyou: “!”

She was taller than him by almost a head and had a sturdier body as well.

Her arms were well-proportioned, all due to being through countless fights.

Besides, he was thin.

Even when she hugged him in her arms, it did not require much effort.

He was furious.

“What are you doing”

“You are tired.”

“Put me down!” He kicked his legs, angered from embarrassment.

The lass glared at him.

“Stop messing around.”


Mu Yichen let out a chuckle from behind.

His younger twin, who had gotten even more vexed, glared at him.

“Why are you laughing”

“Nothing,” He smiled uncontrollably as he followed them, his eyes looking gentle.

The moon cast a hoar frost on the ground.

The sky was dark, and the temperature was cool.

The breeze from the mountains and the fields were chilling to the bone as if cold blades were being carved on their bones.

Gradually, their hands were so stiff that they could no longer be bent nimbly.

Lisa sniffed through her frozen nose, but her heart had not been this tranquil and placid for a long time.

Suddenly, she thought of the time she was in the assassin camp.

Not just eating and staying warm, even a second felt as if she were living in an icy world.

She had to be careful even with every breath she took.

In contrast, among these tranquil mountains and fields, even though she was cold, hungry, and thirsty and her physical state was at its worst, she could enjoy the air, unfettered.

There was nothing more important than being alive.

Including dignity.

It was all due to her astonishing will to live that she could leave the assassin camp, leave that d*mn*d, pure, hellish place to start a new life.

She carried Youyou quietly as she walked on the mountain road, the thick stench of blood still lingering in her body.

The blood on her cheek had already dried up.

There was a huge blood splatter on her chest, but she could not tell if it belonged to hers or to the soldiers she had killed.

She dipped her head and gazed at the boy in her arms.

His eyes had eventually closed from exhaustion.

Mu Yichen walked abreast her.

To her, he was indubitably a lofty son of an aristocratic family, but in this wilderness with neither food nor water, this proud and arrogant noble, young master would have to suffer a little.

As they continued to walk, the boy suddenly noticed a crystalline lake ahead; its waves gleamed under the sun.

“Theres a lake!”

He pointed in a specific direction.

Covered in blood, he could no longer stand the stench.

He pondered on the need to clean himself thoroughly.

As he thought of this, his legs subconsciously moved in the small lakes direction.

The girl put the lad in her arms to the ground and walked to the lakeside.

She crossed her arms over her chest, only to see Mu Yichen already squatting near the lake.

“Youyou, come here! Theres water here, and its considerably clean!”

The boy walked over.

His shirt was in a mess and he looked extremely bedraggled.

He knelt by the lake, licking his dry and cracked lips.

He looked at the water hesitantly and cupped a handful of it.

He wanted to drink the water, yet a fishy smell from it assailed his nostrils.

He wanted to drink but he felt disgusted.

He reached out his hand but retracted it again awkwardly.

It seemed that he despised the water quality of this lake.

“Why does it smell”

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