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In his heart, an eight- or nine-year-old girl was supposed to be innocent and naive.

A girl with a bright and gentle smile should like to play and be like a little bird that was reliant on people.

If one had to use a comparison, girls were like flower buds, full of vitality and beauty, that would beautifully blossom in the wake of their youths.

Alas, she was more like a sharp blade with her cold and stern personality.

Be her eyes or her voice, none had warmth.

Mu Yichens mind unconsciously drifted for a moment, causing the car to swerve a little.

Lisa sharply raised her gaze at him.

“Whats wrong”

“Im fine…”

“Drive properly,” she admonished.

Her cold and indifferent tone brooked no room for argument.

Her stiff tone reminded him of his military instructor when he was in the boot camp.

Both were alike in their strictness and meticulousness.

She was even speaking with a slight accent at such a young age!

The girl glanced at the rearview mirror before instructing him unexpectedly, “Slow down.”


“Slow down,” she repeated.

He thought that this was absurd.

Currently, the car was speeding straight ahead, trying so hard to shake off the three cars pursuing them.

They had finally managed to create a distance between them, yet now she was asking him to slow down!

What was she thinking

“Are you crazy If I drive any slower, theyll catch up to us! We cant slow down!”

Lisa squinted her eyes.

“Dont doubt my words! Slow down!”

“You…” He was speechless.

“Listen to me: I will make sure that you two are safe!” She claimed in a righteous tone.

His knuckles began to turn white from gripping the steering wheel tightly.

Beads of cold sweat began to break out on his forehead.

“What Are you scared” she icily asked.

“If you are afraid, then let me drive.”

The corner of the boys lips twitched a little.

“Scared Youve got to be kidding me.”

He came from the military and also went through the front lines.

Why would he be afraid

“Brother, I trust her.

Lets listen to her!” Youyou suddenly chimed in.

The younger boys thoughts were simple.

Even though his older brother and the girl were the same, having undergone different types of hellish training, the two were essentially different.

The types of training his older brother had undergone were primarily combat simulations, whereas the girl had been baptized by several actual life-and-death fights.

The experience she had amassed came from real bloodbaths!

Speaking of experience, if the girl were not completely confident, she would not be taking this risk.

Hearing his words, the older boy gritted his teeth and responded, “All right; Ill listen to her!”

Just as he finished his words, he hit the clutch to brake the car a little.

The three vehicles quickly caught up and began to shoot relentlessly from behind, yet their shooting seemed apprehensive.

They had to catch the kids alive and were not allowed to hurt them.

Thus, the bullets were sparser now.

Youyou huddled into a corner, unmoving.

He had never felt so close to death before.

It seemed that death was just a few inches away.

One of the jeeps hit the gas pedal and sped toward them.

The moment it was beside theirs, the jeep bumped theirs from the side, forcing their car to careen off course.

The galvanized iron chafed against each other violently, causing sparks to fly everywhere!

The entire vehicle shook violently.

The girl said, “Hit the gas pedal!”

The boy driving tried to stabilize the direction the car was going as he hit the gas pedal at the instruction.

Lisa looked out the car window fiercely as the jeep stuck closely beside them.

Winding down the window, a soldier looked at them and shouted angrily, “Stop the car! Stop the car!”

The man was utterly stunned in the next second.

The car they had been unsuccessfully chasing after almost half a day was actually being driven by a seven or eight-year-old kid!

They were floored.

They were that capable


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