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Whoosh! Whoosh!

Two more bullets pierced through the air and punctured two holes in the glass.

“Someones chasing us!” He flinched inwardly before immediately saying, “Accelerate!”

The driver acted accordingly and floored the accelerator.

Mu Yichen reached out to tap the glass.

“This isnt bulletproof; lower your heads!”

He then reached out to press his brothers head down and protect him in his embrace.

Seated in the passenger seat, Lisa lowered the window and glanced at the back.

There were four to five military vehicles chasing after them!

The bullets kept coming, too.

She nimbly avoided them.

One of the bullets hit the rearview mirror and shattered it instantly!

She raised her hands to prevent the glass shards from flying into her eyes.

She turned her head and opened her mouth.

It was rare for her to speak, but her voice sounded extremely cold.

“Drive faster!”

The tender voice seemed ill-fitting with that cold aura.

The girl did not dare to let her guard down even for a moment.

From her waist belt, she pulled out a pistol and waited readily.

Pressing on her wireless earset, she shouted, “Vermilion Bird, Vermilion Bird!”

The others response came moments later.


She stated coldly, “Theres a tail; immediately provide support.”


With the accelerator fully stepped down, the car sped all the way to this mountainous road.

Lisa held the gun in her hands while her eyes were fixed on the rearview mirror to monitor the situation behind them.

There were four military vehicles on their tail.

These vehicles had excellent functions and were entirely bulletproof after modifications.

Meanwhile, only ten or so bullets were left in her magazine.

She needed to use each bullet carefully at critical moments without wasting any.

It took only a moment for her to come up with an intricate plan.

As the silencer affected the power of the bullet and was ineffective in long-range shooting, she calmly removed it from the gun.

Mu Yichen, who was watching her skillfully assemble the gun and change the magazine, was rendered speechless by it.

This girl was not simple, indeed.

It took her only several seconds to dismantle the gun, and the whole process was even very smooth.

She glanced sideways at him.

However, when she noticed him silent sizing her up, her eyes narrowed coldly.

“What are you seeing”

His face froze.

Her cold and blunt tone gave him the impression that she was a cold and arrogant person without a spark in her.

Lisa warned, “Dont you guys move; understand”

“Do you need help”


As she looked at the rearview mirror with her usual, cold face, she succinctly replied, “I can handle it alone.”

Her words were precious like gold.

If she could express something with one word, she would never use two.

The car drove on to the main road.

Five vehicles followed closely behind them.

Although the accelerator was already fully stepped down, the vehicles at the back were constantly closing up on them.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Smoke rose as rows of bullets hit the car door with clanging sounds.

It sounded as if hell were calling for them!

There were five mountain jeeps.

In the blink of an eye, the detailed structure of each jeep came to her mind.

The driver upped the gear by a notch and pressed hard on the accelerator, sending the cars speed to its maximum level.

Fortunately, the cars performance was not bad.

At 8000 angular velocity and over 200 km/h, the car sped all the way against the strong wind.

The view outside the window flashed by them.

Like a thrilling, life-threatening scene from a movie, the six vehicles were engaged in a chase on the spacious mountainous road!

Youyou was protected in his brothers arms so he could not see the fierce car chase happening behind.

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