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Leave this place to me.”

The girl then turned to leave.

In an instant, the elite soldiers swiftly surrounded him with their guns aimed at him.

No one dared to fire the first shot, though.

Peaceful Tyrant heedlessly lit a cigarette as he scanned his surroundings.

“Vermilion Bird, Ill leave the rest to you.”

The fully armed woman then slowly walked in from the entrance.

A cold-blooded smirk spread across her face as she fiddled with two triangular bayonets in her hands.

The silver metals mercilessly cut through the enemies necks with a wave of her hands.

She speedily turned around and flared out her coat to block the blood from splashing onto Peaceful Tyrant.

Her dark eyes swept across the area as she barked an order, “Attack!”

There were flashes around the warehouse.

Several shadows flashed by as her subordinates kicked open the door and broke in.

She dashed right into the crowd.

As soon as she spun around with her dagger in hand, several people collapsed right away.

“Small fries are getting out of hand these days.

You guys have the cheek to gang up and bully little kids My annual leave is all wasted on you lot.”

With a left hook, Peaceful Tyrant knocked down two men.

As he shot his foot at them, he ranted in a very serious manner, “Return me my rare vacation that I got after a years hard work.

Return it to me!”

“Peaceful Tyrant is such a savage.” In the middle of knocking down an enemy, a mercenary muttered to himself while sweating coldly.

“Its rare that he got a vacation; of course, hed be upset at being deployed here for a mission.” Another person expressed his sympathy with a smirk.

The other roasted, “The crux is that we must face this pathetic bunch of lowlifes for our mission… Theres no challenge at all.”

Peaceful Tyrant swept them a cold glance.

“So much to talk about during a mission Are you guys sick of living!”

With that, he sent a man, who was about to mount a sneak attack on him, flying with a roundhouse kick.

On the other side, Vermilion Birds moves were flawless and clean.

She held a mans throat in each of her hands.

With a twist of her hands, she broke their necks menacingly.

Her cold, sharp, and menacing aura was akin to that of a Danava.

“Peaceful Tyrant is still such a savage… Its really scary.”

Entering the basement with his hands crossed across his chest, the mans partner, Luka, marveled at the scene as he casually looked around.

When he saw a black-clothed man dashing toward him, he avoided him in a calm and nimble manner.

The man squealed in pain as he rolled around the floor, clutching onto his stomach.

He then very calmly stepped on his head, mercilessly grinding his foot against the latter as he lazily asked, “Dont you know that theres a minor protection law in China What kind of man are you to be bullying two kids”




Sniping sounds resonated in the dimly lit and silent basement successively, accompanied by meteor-like bullets piercing through some mens hearts.

“Its no fun to play with this bunch of weaklings.” He knocked out a man with his hand before kicking him aside and whistling to Peaceful Tyrant.

“Dont go overboard! Its not fun if things get blown up!”

It would not be interesting if the government was alerted and it got blown up to an international matter.

A somber look fell on Peaceful Tyrants face.

He stumped the person on the ground with his foot, cursing, “How dare you disrupt my vacation Go to hell!”


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