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It was already eight at night when Yun Shishi made it to the Yun House to fetch Youyou.

She already informed Yun Yecheng of this beforehand, but the air in the living room remained somber when she arrived.

Noticing her return, Li Qin hurriedly approached Yun Shishi.

"Have you seen your sister She's still not back yet! I'm worried sick!"

"Why would I know where she is" She showed puzzlement.

She did see Yun Na today, but why should she explain herself to her She could not be bothered to report anything to Li Qin.

Yun Yecheng saw that Yun Shishi was home and quickly inquired after her wellbeing, which earned him his wife's pointed stare.

She looked at Yun Shishi once more.

She was reminded of her daughter who had yet to return home, and immediately exploded in anger.

"Yun Yecheng, what a good father you are! You are so concerned for this wild straw, yet you don't even ask about your daughter who isn't home yet!"

Hearing this, he turned livid.

"Who did you say is a wild straw! I'm also worried that Nana isn't home yet.

What are you on about!"

The two started arguing back and forth.

Yun Shishi, who was unwilling to get involved in their fight, calmly headed to her room.

However, she was stopped midway by Li Qin's bellow, "Stop right there!"

Yun Shishi looked over her shoulder and asked in a lukewarm manner, "May I help you"

Li Qin noticed the exquisite paper bag in her hand.

Armani! Years of frequenting the shopping malls, she naturally knew of this international brand.

She almost pierced it with her stare!

How did Yun Shishi get a hold of such an expensive item

"Where did you get that from"

"Why do you care"

After she asked that, Yun Shishi faced forward and continued walking to her room without a backward glance.

Li Qin's head nearly burst in anger.

That wild b*tch was becoming more and more disrespectful to her nowadays!

Hmph! What Armani It must be a cheap imitation of the real thing!

It suddenly poured that night.

Yun Shishi then decided to sleep over at the Yun House and went to bed early with Youyou.

At midnight, streaks of lightning and roars of thunder started accompanying the unexpected downpour outside.

Since Yun Na was still not home by then, the worried couple decided to file a 'missing person' report at the police station.

The two were about to rush to the station when they were alerted to a strange noise beyond the door.

They hurried over and found Yun Na leaning on the door in a vain manner.

They did not know how long she had been standing outside for her hair was soaking wet, her clothes was disheveled, and her face was strangely flushed.

"Mom…" she tremblingly called out.

She sounded as if she had experienced a huge chagrin.

A trail of clear tears rolled down her cheeks thereafter.

Li Qin felt as if a knife had pierced her heart.

"What happened Nana… come in first!"

Yun Na was helped into the living room.

She rested her weight against the chair weakly.

Pearl-like tears rolled down her face unabatedly.

Li Qin looked at her daughter, heartbroken.

With a tense expression, she inquired, "Nana, what happened to you Tell me who bullied you"

Yun Na continued sobbing in tears but remained unforthcoming.

Now, she absolutely regretted it! He Lingxiang appeared to be a dignified gentleman, but he was actually a beast in disguise – a beast among beasts!

He Lingxiang had brought her into a private room this afternoon.

She originally thought that she had attached herself to a huge tree and was very pleased with herself!

If she could please him, she might be able to make a grand entrance into show business.

Thereafter, she would no longer have to look at Yun Shishi in envy!

Yun Na was unclear of the man's identity but she knew that he was a famous director.

Although his movies were box-office flops and were not highly acclaimed, they were often hot topics.


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