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When Youyou was born, she had to breastfeed him, and this coincided with her studies.

It was the toughest period of her life.

She could not even sit through confinement properly.

As she was accepted into a prestigious university, her workload was heavy.

Whenever she was free, she had to catch up with overdue work.

On a normal day, she had her part-time job while she took care of Youyou.

Her body was on the verge of collapsing.

After graduating from university, she managed to land herself a high-paying job, hence the family's financial situation improved.

With her adoptive mother and sister staying at home while she was out working, she was afraid of Youyou being treated in the same way as her by them.

Back then, when she first brought Youyou home, Yun Na apathetically sneered at her.

She was unable to forget her calling Youyou a 'little b*stard' even till now.

Therefore, as soon as she got herself a job, she left the house with Youyou and rented an apartment for the both of them.

When she had to work, Youyou would be sent to a kindergarten, and he would wait for her at the entrance once he was dismissed.

She was glad that Youyou was a sensible child.

Despite his tender age, he was very thoughtful and was rarely willful.

He was now even able to return home without her coming to fetch him.

Exiting the departmental store, the two were exposed to the blazing sun outside.

The little guy held a toy in his hand as he trailed after her, his steps gradually becoming heavier.

It was now the middle of summer.

They came out from a refreshing environment just moments ago, so he was unable to quickly adjust to the sweltering heat.

Youyou raised his small face and cried out softly, "Mommy…."

Yun Shishi spun around.

She noticed that his entire face was bright red, his eyes and brows drooping wearily.

She squeezed her brows in worry.

"What is it, Youyou Are you unwell"

Youyou's eyebrows creased.

He extended his hands toward her and said coyly, "Mommy, it's hot… It's hot! Youyou can't walk anymore! Piggyback! Piggyback…."

Yun Shishi was stunned by his words and could not help but smile as she bent down.

When Youyou saw this, his eyes curved happily.

He stuck out his tongue playfully and leaped onto her shoulders.

Yun Shishi held him firmly and stood up.

Satisfied, Youyou clung on to her shoulders, his small face pressing toward her.

With an affectionate tone, he asked, "Mommy, are you tired"

"Of course."

"Wait till Youyou grows up, and then Youyou will be the one to carry mommy!"

Yun Shishi grinned, "Okay! Youyou is really mommy's considerate little sweetheart!"

The little boy elevated his palm-sized face and asked with a blank look.

"Mommy, what's a little sweetheart"

"It's… a very heartwarming person – a person that makes people feel warm."

"Oh! Then, Youyou will only be warm to mommy and no one else!" Youyou sweetly rounded his pink lips, cupped her face, and – mwah! – gave a smack on her lips.

The mother and son laughingly bumped each other's heads and merrily left the area.

An extended Lincoln parked silently by the roadside.

The Lincoln had a pitch-black, streamlined body.

From its window, a youthful yet cold, good-looking face could be seen.

The boy lazily lay on the genuine leather seat, a hand under his cheek.

He looked to be about six, but his face had a mature and distant look that was incompatible with his age.

He expressionlessly watched the joyous scene of Yun Shishi and Youyou through the window.

Looking from under his thin bangs, something stirred inside him, and his vision came into focus.

The pair walked further and further away.

Inexplicably, a strange emotion emerged from the bottom of his heart as he glanced at the backs of the mother and son.

It was something that could not be explained.

His heart slightly ached.

It was bitter and a little sour.

Soon after, he felt a sense of loneliness.


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