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His fourth uncle had long been included in those he suspected back then.

It was for no other reason than that he was the only one with much authority to falsify sans a trace his then fiancées DNA test report.

“It was also you who tampered with Mu Wanrous DNA test report.”

Mu Yazhe was certain of it.

The middle-aged man coolly glanced at him with a smirk on his face.

“You know, huh.”

“Your goal is to use her to kill grandpa in the same way you killed my mother back then, right” He shot the older man a cold and penetrating gaze.

“Why did you do it”

“He he! I want him to have a taste of having his loved ones destroyed! Im sure its very painful!”

Mu Lianjue cackled.

His father had, all along, regarded him highly before this, but the one he loved the most was Mu Liancheng; he loved him to the core.

Because of his love for that son, it even extended to his wife, Jiang Yishan.

That was why he killed his second brother and murdered his sister-in-law.

Even Mu Qingcheng and her real daughter were not spared!

He wanted to destroy every important thing his father deemed as precious before him and let the latter have a taste of agony!

Nothing was more torturing than ones heart.

Mental torture was most destructive of all!

“This old man sure is tough, but its fine this way, too! I shall let him witness for himself how his important Mu empire ends in his hands! The position of the Mu family head is mine in the first place! Since he wont give it to me, Ill snatch it for myself at all costs!”

Youyous chest undulated violently as he stared at the middle-aged man.

He was trembling all over.

A burst of laughter suddenly escaped Mu Lianjues lips as he sized up his nephews frosty eyes.

“Ha ha! Imagine the agony that old thing will be in if he finds out that hes been acknowledging and loving an imposter for his granddaughter all these years while destroying the life of Mu Qingchengs real flesh and blood with his two hands! How heart-wrenching is that when he finally learns that Yun Shishi is her biological daughter!”

Mu Shengs befuddled eyes widened at this!

He asked with apathy, “What in the world… is going on!”

His son and grandson turned toward the bed.

He struggled to sit up from bed; his blurred eyes were filled with unconcealable fury.

“What did you mean by that! Whats with Lianchengs case You were behind Yishans death, too! What about Qingcheng! Was she also—”

In his agitation, he glared wrathfully at his son as he reached out to grab his arm.

His son deftly shook his hand away.

“Dont touch me with your hand!”

“You—” Anger swept over him when he heard this.

Because he had just gotten out of the critical stage, his voice was ever so weak and hoarse.

“Did you scheme to murder Qingcheng, too! Did you!”

“Thats right!”

He was struck dumb!


“Her brake malfunctioned, which caused her car to tumble off the cliff, was because I fiddled with it!”


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