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Mu Yazhe replied, “Shes my woman and Im her man.

Second uncle needs not meddle in our matters!”

The older man was flabbergasted with his firm and inviolable response.

He did not want anyone meddling in his private affairs!

His nephews words enraged him further that anger welled up in his chest.

“I dont care about what you think, but this matter isnt for you to decide alone! Yazhe, this is so unlike you! Second uncle here has great expectations for you! You shouldnt give up the Mu empire just for that so-called love! I think youre getting befuddled! Where did your wits go What magical power does that woman have over you that you will do this thing for her sake! Do you know what this means! It means that our efforts all these years will go to waste and be enjoyed by someone else! I didnt push you up to be the next family head just for you to hand over the Mu Group foolishly! I can tell that that woman is a femme fatale; Im ordering you to make a clean break with her! Dont risk your future for a mere woman; youll bound to regret it in the future!”

Youyous face turned frosty at once, but the moment he opened his mouth, his father held his shoulder.

He expressionlessly answered, “Second uncle, dont worry; I know what Im doing!”

“You know what youre doing”

Mu Linfeng burst into laughter.

“What do you intend to do Annihilate all my hard work Give away the Mu empire for an indecent woman From what I see, youre just pushing me to my death!”

“I dont dare to do so.” In a respectful tone, his nephew said, “Second uncle, your words are overly harsh!”

The older man sneered.

“He he! Dont dare What dont you dare to do! I think you have the very guts! Dont you know what the consequences of your action will be! The Mu family is the core of this countrys economy; its the heart, and every branch is connected to its arteries.

Even if it isnt me, the high-ranking officials of the country wont sit back and watch! Youve been blinded.

Where did your wits go Some relationships are dangerous to you, so you shouldnt hesitate to break such! With me around, I wont allow you to fool around!”

Mu Yazhes face instantly cooled.

His icy look did not escape his uncles eyes, though.

A flicker of irritation coursed through him.

“Whats with that look”


His nephew coldly stated, “Second uncle, since when do we think alike that love is only a game”

He used to be indifferent to relationships.

He did not believe that there would be true love in this world besides power and wealth!

Did true love really exist

Women were nothing to him.

He was so cold that there was once a rumor saying that he had issues with his sexual performance!

Ha ha!

That was until Yun Shishis appearance, however.

She taught him what was true love.

She taught him how to love a person with all his heart!

She also taught him that there was unconditional love in this world—love that had nothing to do with power or influence!

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