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He had done much evil at an old age!

“It has nothing to do with you!” The man paused and his brows furrowed deeper.

“Its just that I didnt expect you to be related to Mu Yazhe in this way!”

“Hes my daddy.”

“Now, this has become troublesome.”

The man smiled casually, though his eyes gleamed sharply and ruthlessly.

“Little Youyou, what to do Our two families are in deep feud, and one day, Im gonna trash the Mu family under my feet.

They will pay their debt with their blood!”

His words were frosty.

Closing his eyes, he could almost return to that despondent scene in his youth.

He witnessed with his two eyes his mother dying in that fire.

As the fire raged, he desperately tried to run into it but was stopped dead by others.

If not for the old man, this accident would not have happened, and his mother would not have been gone from him.

The matter was still a thorn in his flesh up to this day.

Nothing could wipe away their feud, just like the nightmarish scene that could not be erased from his memory after all these years!

Even Youyous heart was shaken by the coldness in his tone.

“I dont care what you want to do to the Mu family, but there is something I must make clear here.”

Pausing, the boy squinted his eyes before he continued.

“Mu Yazhe is my father; I wont allow you to touch him!”

His words were firm and indisputable with a hint of threat!

The man was mildly stunned when he heard that.

The child crossed his arms and added expressionlessly.

“You can do what you want to Mu Sheng; I have nothing to do with him, but as for my father, you cant touch him!”

He was equally overbearing in his attitude as he declared his stance openly to the man.

Although he might act tough and show despise to his father when he was with him, he would do whatever he could to protect the latters welfare and interests at all cost!

Gong Jie frowned.


The boy smiled elegantly, like a proud gentleman, and answered at leisure, “There is nowhy.

Simply put, ano means ano.”

The man jumped up from his seat and walked to his front.

Bending down, he locked his gaze peacefully with the boys beautiful eyes.

Both, big and small, stared at each other in silent confrontation.

Youyou smiled as he looked at the man with composure.

The man smiled.

“Are you saying that you intend to protect him until the end”

“Thats right!”

Mu Yazhe was his father and the man his mother loved.

More than that, he was his family.

No matter what happened, he would stand on his fathers side.

This stand of his would not change no matter what might come!

“What should be done, then” The young chap seemed vexed, cocking a brow with a dazed look.

“I wont give in even on your account!”

The boy maintained his smile despite being startled by his words.

The man retorted coldly, “Little Youyou, its your business if you want to protect your father, but its up to me what I want to do.

Keep out of my business!”


“I want to see how far youll go to resist the Gong family for his sake.” The man smiled, though his narrowed eyes glistened exceptionally coldly.

“Its not just for him!”

The boy mentioned nonchalantly.

This was for his mother, too.

“All right, then.

Well watch and see!” With that, the man stood up and left.

Youyou narrowed his eyes as they followed the mans disappearing back.

What grave enmity existed between the two families

It appears that there is a need to probe further!

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