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Yun Tianyous men returned with a message.

It seemed that the men he had sent to follow the lead ended up on a futile trip.

Before this, he had used his hacker skills to narrow down the search area by simulating the satellite map after triangulating the GPS signal from his brother.

Here, it was worth mentioning that the technology involved was this boys innovative creation.

The smart watches that the boys got from their mother were developed by Lezhi.

Without talking much about the other functions, the watchs GPS locator was enough to be deemed as a breakthrough in science.

One could say that no matter how developed a satellite system was, there would always be a remote place that GPS could not cover in this vast world.

Even if the GPS did cover the whole area, the signal could also be weak.

It would be nigh impossible to locate a place accurately with a weak GPS signal.

At most, it might lock the position within a few kilometers from the target.

As for the GPS smart chip installed by Yun Tianyou in the watch series, it could enhance the signal remotely and lock the target position accurately in the range of a few hundred meters.

A few hundred meters was a mind-boggling number.

Most likely, only Lezhi Holdings had this technology in the whole world.

Using remote access, the boy managed to expand Mu Yichens weak GPS signal to lock his position within a few hundred meters, which he sent his men to follow up on.

They found the signal point in a remote, hilly road, but in the end, what they saw there was a blood-stained watch.

The men brought back the watch and passed it to him.

The boy could not help being taken aback after glancing at it.

This was his brothers watch.

The watch, now spoiled after seemingly having been rolled on by a cars tires, was stained with spine-chilling splotches of blood.

The boy held the watch brusquely in his palm.

Consternation arose in his heart.

He had a bad feeling now.

It appeared that the enemy was cautious to even rip off the watch on his brother.

There was the likelihood of them, after having realized what this smart watchs GPS function could do, throwing it away to prevent him from tracking it.

That bunch of people is very alert, it seems!

His last lead was gone just like that!

Gong Jie sat on the couch and watched the boy become pensive as the latter held the watch with knitted brows.

“Is the lead gone”


The boy put down the watch on the table and tried to calm himself down, replying leisurely, “But Im certain that they are still alive!”

“Oh Why are you so sure”

“There should be a reason for them kidnapping my mother and brother, yet the masterminds havent shown themselves even now, and theres no move from them still.

Judging from their action of sending these pictures, theyre trying to scare us or just want to agitate daddy.”

“Do you have a guess on what they are after, then”

The boy looked up and gave a slight squint.

“I guess…” They are trying to blackmail daddy!

His daddy must be holding on to something terribly important.

The boy continued speaking expressionlessly.

“Right now, we can only keep our cool to maintain an upper hand!”

The man marveled secretly.

He was surprised to find him so calm and composed.

He could tell that Youyou got upset and anxious the moment he saw those photos, but the latter quickly forced himself to calm down emotionally.

The fact that this boy, at such a young age, knew how to keep his cool to maintain a hold of the situation was not something he had expected.

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