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His gloomy and terrifying gaze stared fixedly at the picture on his screen.

His tightly clenched fists let out a horrifyingly taut sound.

The young handsome face was too pale and aghast to be real.

He easily recognized the boy, whose face was covered in blood, in the image to be none other than Mu Yichen!

“Continue the investigation with this IP address!”

He commanded coldly without further ado.

His assistant sprang into action at the immediate order.

The man looked at the monitor again.

In the image, his son was hung suspended in mid-air by his hands.

The photo only showed his upper body, but even then, he could see that the boy was covered in whip marks.

The white shirt he was wearing was in shambles and stained red with blood.

The wound on his abdomen was especially deep, bloody, and badly maimed!

He could not imagine what kind of thrashing his son had endured for it to result in such an awful and frightening sight!

What brutal torture he has been subjected to end up looking like this!

He looked at the childs face in the picture again.

The boys eyes were half-open; his once clear and beautiful eyes were covered by the tousled fringe, though that did not manage to conceal his dark and blood-chilling expression.

Despite being badly tortured, his air of elegance and haughtiness remained undeterred.

Although his face remained composed, from the look in his eyes, it was obvious that he was doing his best to endure the pain.

He was trying to endure the pain from his body full of injuries.

Even though he was covered in blood, he did not allow himself to reveal any vulnerability or a pained look.

No matter how much brutality he had gone through, he did not lose that proud and elegant expression of his.

His lips hooked nonchalantly, with a trace of contempt on his beautiful face.

His pride could not be tamed; no one could desecrate his kingly presence!

Little Yichen has never suffered like this before.

Even when he was in the boot camp, he was never subjected to such inhumane torture.

Who could be so cruel!

D*mn it!

He slammed his fist onto the tabletop.

The solid, wooden table showed a few cracks from his sudden and fierce blow.

At Lezhi Holdings.

Gong Jie sat inside the presidents office, unable to calm the wonders in his heart.

The present CEOs office looked so high-tech it was hard to imagine how this place was nearing bankruptcy and collapse a few years ago.

They held a frivolous attitude when they bought this company and put it under Yun Tianyous name.

First, Hurricane Group wanted to see what this little genius could do with a company that was nearly bankrupt and without any prospect or room for development.

Second, they wanted to use this chance to train this audacious kid.

He was witness to how Lezhi Holdings had leaped from a failed toy company to a leading commercial enterprise—one that had crushed the biggest toy manufacturer in the world, MITEL.

This feat could not be attributed to plain ability anymore.

It must be magic!

If it had not been for him witnessing this feat personally, he would not have thought this kid to be in possession of such potent power.

How did he achieve that!

Its really hard to imagine.

Theres so much untapped potential in this boy to let him handle such a quest.

His admiration for the child skyrocketed and his initial skepticism diminished by a lot.

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