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His meaning was clear; he intended to kill her!

The man then left with his cane.

The heavy shutters gradually closed, and she was isolated from the world again.

Her lashes fluttered as she sucked in a mouthful of cool air.

She was unaware of the number of broken bones in her body.

She felt immense pain on her shoulder where she was lashed with a belt and her wound was soaked in salt water.

It felt as if numerous poisonous insects were gnawing at her.

It was unbearably excruciating.

Every moment was a torture to her.

However, each time she recalled her sons bright smiles, her will to live would ignite in her!

Live on!

She must live on and must absolutely not give up any glimmer of hope!

She gnashed her teeth before gradually slowing her eyes.

Early in the morning, the sound of a servant knocking at the door rang.

“Young master, its time to get up!”

Seated in bed, Youyou suddenly got up.

He did not close his eyes for the entire night.

His anxiety overwhelmed his physical fatigue.

He tossed and turned in bed with his eyes wide open until daylight.

It was finally 7 AM.

He changed into a set of school uniform and tidied the school bag before carrying it out of the room.

In his momentary daze, he arrived at his brothers room.

He pushed the door, but it was locked up.

It seemed that Mu Sheng had long retired to his room to rest.

Only after he surveyed his surroundings and made sure that no one was nearby did he lightly knock on the door.

Light footsteps soon sounded from the opposite side of the door.

Mu Yichen knocked three times on the door in response.

It was their secret signal.

The older brother slept fitfully throughout the night; he was still frightened even now.

“Is that you” The older boys voice rang from inside the room.

“Yes, its me.

The door seems to be locked.” Youyou attempted to open the door again, but it was indeed locked.

“I know,” the former said gloomily.

“Its almost time for you to go to school.

Be careful!”

“Mm! You, too.”

The younger twin paused for a moment before asking worriedly, “You… Will you be all right Im a little worried about you!”

Leaning against the door in the room, Mu Yichens lips curled into a warm smile.

He felt a little happy.

“Its fine.

Im your older brother; its my responsibility to protect you and mommy!”

The younger lads lips lifted faintly.

“Dont worry; Ill definitely find mommy.

Before that, you must protect yourself and be alert! Im worried that youll come to harm by impersonating me.”

“Dont worry about me.

You must be careful, too.”

He suddenly heard footsteps coming from the corridor and immediately whispered, “Someones coming! I have to leave now.”


In his hurry to get to the stairway, he bumped into Mu Wanrou, who happened to be coming up the stairs.

She smiled upon seeing him and greeted him as usual.

“Little Yichen, youre awake!”

“Mm! Im awake!”

He rubbed his eyes before opening them and crying out, “Mommy…”

Although he sounded reluctant, the woman was still stunned!

Usually, he would be especially indifferent to her.

If not for her insistence, he rarely took the initiative to call hermommy.


Realizing the bizarre look on her face, he worried about saying something wrong that would give himself away.

“Ill head downstairs first!”

With that, he hopped down the stairs with the school bag on his back.

The woman furrowed her brows for a second but did not mull over it.

Instead, she walked to Mu Yichens room and tested the door lock.

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