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In the dim light, her ebony-black hair scattered messily over her shoulders and covered half of her delicate and pretty face.

The tip of it seemed to be stained with sticky blood, and there were traces of bruises on her face visible in the cool light.

Her eyes shut tightly with her brows furrowing deeply.

A streak of blood rolled down the corner of her mouth as she clenched her teeth tightly.

Her lips contour was somewhat distorted as though she were trying to suppress something inside her.

She carefully moved her limbs; alas, because her whole body was tied up, moving was impossible for her.

Probably due to being tied up for too long and being in such great pain, her entire body was already numbed.

She gasped in pain when she attempted to move her fingers.

Scanning her surroundings in trepidation, she felt a stab of pain in her heart at the sight of a patch of dried blood by her feet.

It evoked her memories.

What happened earlier was not a nightmare; she was still trapped in this horrifying, hellish place with nowhere to escape…

“Youre awake!”

A slightly aged and low voice suddenly rang out in the darkness.

She opened her eyes at once and turned to the sound.

Under the dim light, she saw a man—a middle aged man.

Dressed in a set of traditional Chinese garments and seated in a chair, the man appeared to be in high spirits.

Despite his old age, gray hair, and slightly weathered face, she could faintly distinguish from his brows that he was a notably good-looking man when he was young!

His eagle-like eyes were particularly sharp and intimidating, though!

Moreover, his facial features were alike Mu Yazhes at some degree!

Could he be from the Mu family

She suspected this at once and, upon scrutiny, became certain of it.

The man before her bore some resemblance to Mu Sheng.

This startled her for a bit, but she soon calmed down.

“Who are you”

“Ha ha! You need not care who I am!” Despite his sinister laughter, he was quite surprised as he sized her up.

This lass is quite bold!

If other ladies were to find themselves in such a situation, their faces would surely pale from fright and would be crying away!

At present, besides calmness and wariness, not a hint of fear was found on her face.

He must admit that she was an unusual woman.

“Arent you afraid of me” He could not resist asking her this, deeply aware that his majestic presence was greatly discounted in front of her.

“He he! Youre not a ghost.

Whats there to be afraid of Even if youre one, Im not scared at all!” Being stubborn to the core, she refused to show a trace of weakness before this man!

“Young lady, youre really one of a kind! He he!”

The man laughed in a low voice again.

A corner of her lips lifted grimly, though.

“Sir, you look like a big shot yourself.

Youre the one who had me abducted here, right What motives do you have I admit that I am a small figure and dont remember offending you in any way before!”

“You didnt offend me at all! Its just that you have some use to me!” With a raised brow, he lightly tapped the cane in his hand on the ground.

A crisp sound resonated in the basement.

From one side, someone came over with a camera.

A burst of white light flashed before her as the person took several photos of her disheveled appearance.


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