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An abrupt voice interrupted his trembling words.

"What's happening here Why are there so many people at the entrance" Lin Fengtian, who had stepped outside the audition room, rushed over when he heard a commotion downstairs.

Bewildered, he saw a familiar sight from the crowd.

"Director Mu! To what do I owe this honor of seeing you here today"

Mu Yazhe gave him a quick glance and ignored him.

Huanyu Entertainment was a sizeable corporation, and Lin Fengtian was considered as an old-timer in the company.

He was sly and talented – a rare genius that could go both ways.

Still, Mu Yazhe could not be bothered with him.

Lin Fengtian beamed, turned, and saw Xiao Xue huddling protectively in front of Yun Shishi; this was when he realized what was happening.

"Brother Mu!"

A sweet and shy figure barged in.

Everyone turned to look and saw a lady wearing a baby blue pleated dress happily running toward Mu Yazhe.

This woman shoved Yun Shishi, who was standing in front of him, to the side.

Who is this woman to block Brother Mu's way What an eyesore!

She looked in Yun Shishi's direction, turned to gaze at Mu Yazhe with a smile on her pretty face, and asked, "Brother Mu, why are you here today Are you here to see me"

The lady was called Lu Jingtian, the precious twenty-year-old lady of a family of military and political giants in the capital and a prominent upper-class socialite.

Mu and Lu families had generations of rapport, so there was a rumor that Lu Jingtian was initially selected by Grandmaster Mu to be the daughter-in-law.

Mu Yazhe was not keen despite the lady's interest, however.

Mu Yazhe had known Lu Jingtian since young and had a close relationship with her.

She had a huge crush on him, which was no secret among the rich and famous in the capital.

Mu Yazhe was also fond of Lu Jingtian and looked after her with extreme care.

His treatment of her was like that of a brother to his beloved little sister.

She was a little sister to him and nothing more!

Lu Jingtian looked adoringly at him.

His name was deeply carved in her mind and heart that the sound of it would send her into a bundle of tingling nerves.

She was so in love with this man, whom she had admired since young, and wished for him to give her a second look.

When she saw him look at Yun Shishi several times, she decided to pay attention to her.

The woman was admittedly pretty.

Huanyu Entertainment was so big it was responsible for half of the show business.

She had seen entertainers of all shapes and sizes as she followed Mu Yazhe on his businesses.

She could say that the woman was different from those typical pretty faces.

Her elegance and beauty, with no traces of artificiality, were inborn.

The ethereal beauty of this woman was ineffable, and that was what she was most jealous about.

She heard what Lin Fengtian had said earlier, and it made her even more jealous.

She was striving to enter the entertainment industry to have more presence in Mu Yazhe's life.

As for Lin Fengtian, he was the acclaimed director she wanted to work with the most.

However, from the conversation earlier, it seemed that the star director had to stoop low just to get this unknown woman to be part of his film.

This made her anxious.


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