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However, because it was at night, the display of the security footage was of limited clarity.

The car also moved like flowing water as it had been speeding.

Its brand was rather common, too, so it was easy to lose sight of the correct target.

The only clue he had was like a stone fast sinking into the sea without a trace!

His heart was filled with exasperation!

Yun Tianyou clenched his fists tightly as his face went pale beyond belief.

Once more, he hated himself for not taking action in time and allowing others to exploit this opportunity!

He stood up fiercely.

Walking to the window, he swept his vicious glare across the group of soldiers surrounding the door.

He swore—swore that if anything happened to his mommy, he would do everything in his power to raze the Mu Empire to the ground overnight!

While he was at his wits end, he suddenly thought of something.

A ray of white light flashed across his mind.

He suddenly recalled something.

Heading back to his computer, he keyed in a string of instructions and, from the location, tracked down Mu Wanrous car.

It was an A9918X Audi military vehicle.

According to the tracked location, it was currently on Fuyang Road, Yushu Street.

This car had also stopped on the road for two minutes.

Thereafter, it drove off quickly.

This was a crucial hint.

He was suspicious.

She clearly went behind Mu Shengs back and secretly moved his mommy away!

As for the location that she was moved, he could not follow and track it down!

However, he at least knew one thing.

That woman was among the conspirators behind this.

Perhaps, she was the one who had secretly moved his mother somewhere else.

If he took action, starting from her, perhaps he could attain other clues and benefits!

At Morokkos Royal Grand Hotel.

As Morokko and his home country had a time difference of eight hours, it was currently 11 AM here.

The night Mu Yazhe arrived at this part of the country, he attended a grand banquet at the aforementioned hotel under his second uncles arrangement.

After the banquet, he returned to his hotel to rest.

Only when he was awake did he realize that his phone had run out of battery.

He quickly ordered someone to charge it.

When he headed downstairs, Mu Linfeng was already seated in the restaurant.

Spotting him, he greeted respectfully, “Second uncle!”

“Yes! You are awake!” The middle-aged man sat elegantly at the table while looking through some newspapers with a pensive expression.

This middle-aged man was his second uncle, another figure in the Mu family with much authority.

His status was celebrated and his methods faired the same.

It could be said that Mu Yazhe managed to gain the highest authority in the family due to the momentum behind his back that should not be underestimated.

Therefore, his second uncles position in the family was especially prominent.

It was not because of anything else but for the fearful authority he wielded.

When a family had developed into a certain scale, it was no longer just a simple family business.

Disheng Financial Group could become how it was today—being in control of more than half the countrys commercial lifeline—not just due to Mu Yazhes cold-blooded methods and extraordinary capabilities but also due to his familys supremely centralized power.

It could be said that his second uncles status could run neck and neck with his!

It was just that, due to their identities, he was not exposed completely to the public.

Therefore, the nameMu Linfeng was not known by many!

Mu Yazhe sat in front of the table.

The moment he sat down, his second spoke.

“I heard that the banquet last night had progressed really smoothly!”

“Yes,” he replied.

However, he was not that interested in last nights banquet.

Thus, he picked up the newspaper lying at the side and flipped through a few pages, reading ten lines at once.

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