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There was a light fragrance in his brothers room.

Surveying his surroundings, he slowly approached the window and carefully opened the curtains.

He could faintly see the soldiers patrolling the main gate when he poked his head out of the window.

Old Mu had indeed displayed his speedy way of doing things; it was unknown when he deployed another military troop to keep the huge residence well-enclosed!

Not even a fly was allowed entry.

Closing the curtains, he went to the bathroom and locked the door before pulling out a phone to call his agent.

As his phone was not with him, he could only use his twins.

The call quickly connected.

On the other end, Li Hanlin tentatively answered the call with acute wariness.

“Is this Director Yun”

“Its me.” His voice sounded dull and heavy.

“Sir, what exactly is going on” Apparently unaware of the situation, the mans tone was urgent and tense.

The mercenaries who had previously been sent to the villa suffered heavy casualties.

Reportedly, there was a large-scale ambush by the military.

Out of over ten mercenaries, only two remained alive but were badly wounded.

How large-scale of an ambush was it

A whole company of armed soldiers!

What matter required the deployment of such a large group of soldiers

The man was consumed with distress when he could not reach his boss by phone.

Yun Tianyou patiently recounted the entire matter and informed him that he was currently imprisoned by the Mu family.

“The Mu residence is currently surrounded by military troops.

According to my estimation, there are about three to four hundred people!”

“Three to four hundred!”

The man cursed inwardly. So many people! What is Mu Sheng intending to do

“The old man is probably afraid that Ill be taken away, but things arent that simple! Even a moment longer here is very dangerous for me!”

His subordinate immediately said, “Well rush there tomorrow with the troops!”

The mercenaries from Hurricane Group would likely arrive at the capital by tomorrow! When their men were in place, he would quickly set out to the Mu residence.

The boy, however, commanded, “Theres no need to bring so many people! Wait for me at Alan Beier Kindergarten at 8:30 AM tomorrow!”

He then proceeded to explain roughly his plan to the man.

His plan was very simple: deceit.

The twins would swap identities; he would pretend to be Mu Yichen and vice versa.

There would be a driver to send the older brother to his kindergarten tomorrow morning.

Hence, he made arrangements for the man to meet at the school gate at that time.

The agent was surprised.

He could not help marveling at the boys wits.

It was really not easy for him to come up with this rational idea at such a critical moment!

“Agent Li, bring our men with you tomorrow and be punctual.

Dont be too conspicuous, lest it arouse suspicion.

Everyone must be armed, though.”


“Ill send you my GPS location.

If something happens, Ill send a timely signal.”

“I understand.”

“As for the rest, just act according to my instructions!”

The boy ended the call, then immediately raised his hand to turn on the GPS function of his smartwatch, and sent his satellite coordinates to the agents phone.

After fixing the location, he walked to the desk and pulled open the drawer, which contained a laptop.

He took out the laptop, connected it to the Internet, and proceeded to log into the tracking system page.

His fair fingers lightly flew across the keyboard while he deliberately suppressed the tapping sounds.

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