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Yun Shishi coolly replied, “How will I kowtow to you with my arms dangling here You should release me at least!”

Mu Wanrous eyes narrowed at her words.

“Are you intending to escape”

She considered it for a moment, then she sent a signal with her eyes, and the man beside her quickly came forward to unlock the handcuffs.

“Dont you play any games.”

As soon as her hands were released from the metal column, they were immediately handcuffed again.

She rubbed her hands in pain as she coldly looked up at the woman who was standing haughtily before her in glee.

“Lets get started!” The latter could hardly wait to see her bowing to her and begging for mercy!

The former slowly took a few steps toward her, then suddenly grabbed her clothes, and pushed her to the ground.

Sitting on her body, she proceeded to strangle her by wrapping the handcuffs chain around her neck!

Never did Mu Wanrou expect this to happen.

She was so caught off guard that, by the time she recovered from her shock, she was almost about to be suffocated to death by the metal chain!

Kicking and flailing her legs about, she struggled in pain to break free.

Even her high heels were sent flying off her feet!

Several men immediately stepped up from the side to restrain Yun Shishi, but as if she had gone mad, she never released her hands from the metal chain even when they pulled her hair.

The sheer force of the chain, which was tightly wrapped around the other womans neck, soon formed a deep bloody line on it!

She met the eyes of the woman under her and leaned in closer.

Her hatred for the woman was vividly portrayed in her gaze.

“Since you are so hell-bent on sentencing me to death, how about you perish with me”

“Y-You… le-let go…”

Due to her mind becoming fuzzy from lack of oxygen, Mu Wanrou could not form a complete sentence and could only resist futilely.

She saw the desperation and hatred in the others eyes!

Shes mad!

This woman has gone mad!

The artiste knew that she was clear-headed, though!

She was uncowed by threats of death!

What she could not bear to watch, instead, was this woman harming her son!

She tightened her hold around her neck by tugging harder on the metal chain.

Mu Wanrous face flushed red as the veins on her forehead bulged.

On the verge of suffocating, she turned her head fiercely as her hands fumbled around to try and break free.

At one side, a man picked up a chair and smashed it on Yun Shishis back!

With a loud pong , one of the chairs legs broke from the impact.

Sawdust flew everywhere.

Dust flew everywhere in the dimly lit basement.

Her body stiffened for a moment before she fainted.

As Mu Wanrou was helped up, she wrapped her hands around her throat while she had a coughing fit.

Her vision blurred as she felt her head spinning.

“D*mn! B*tch…”

She walked to the other womans side and stretched out her leg to give her a kick.

Alas, the moment she raised her leg, a wave of dizziness overcame her; her feet kicked at the air and she collapsed right to the ground.

Cursing as she stood up again, she picked up a wooden stick from the side with the intention to teach her a good lesson.

Her phone untimely rang right then.

She panted heavily for a while before she threw the stick aside to look at her phone.

It was a call from her grandpa.

She immediately calmed herself down and picked up the call.


“Wanrou, where have you been”

“Oh! Grandpa, dont worry; Ill be right back!”

“Wheres that woman”



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