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The womans lips curled into a sinister and bloodthirsty smile.

“Since youre so important to him, try to guess whether hell give up the Mu inheritance rights or not for your sake”

Yun Shishi was completely shocked!

Suddenly, she realized that this woman intended to blackmail Mu Yazhe into giving up his inheritance rights using her!

“Youre really despicable.

How important do you think I am to him Hell never give up those for me so you should just surrender!” she coldly retorted.

Mu Wanrou laughed darkly with a raised brow.

“Maybe not if its just you alone, but how about when this includes Yun Tianyou”

Color drained from her face the instant she heard that.

“What do you want to do!”

“What do I want to do”

Grabbing hold of her face, the woman snapped, “I want him to give up the Mu inheritance rights!”

“You… Youre despicable!” She gritted her teeth.

“Im warning you: Dont you ever touch even a finger of Youyous.


“Otherwise, what What can you do to me!” The other woman cut in and coldly mocked her.

“Youre in deep trouble yourself! I advise that you not make any unnecessary struggle!”

Her gaze turned cold and sharp right there and then.

How she wished she could kill with her eyes!

That way, she could make mincemeat out of this vile woman!

“You dont have to glare at me like that.

Youre really pathetic! Do you really think that just because he dotes on you, you can act all high and mighty What are you once you leave him Youre nothing more than a pathetic worm putting up a desperate fight!”

Yun Shishi spoke in a frighteningly chilly tone.

“I advise you not to play with fire and get burned yourself!”

“He he! Youd better understand the situation youre in now.

If you fawn on me now, I may be merciful and torture you a little lesser before you die! Dont be stubborn and be quick to speak.

Otherwise, youll be leading a life worse than death!”

With that, Mu Wanrou stretched out her leg and gave her a kick in the face.

Her face twisted to the side as she tightly gnashed her teeth; her teeth broke from the impact.

Humiliation sprouted in her heart right there and then!

It was the first time in her life that she hated herself for being so incompetent!

She finally saw this womans true colors!

She intended to make use of their mother-son pair to threaten Mu Yazhe into giving up his inheritance before having them killed thereafter!

That woman was actually so vicious and had such despicable means!

The veins in her eyes bulged as she glared at her.

Appreciating her angry face in an unbridled manner, a wide smile spread across Mu Wanrous face.

She then casually remarked, “Are you really not going to kowtow to me for mercy! Ill give you the chance now to do so, and maybe then, Ill be merciful and spare you the torture by giving you a quick death!”

Yun Shishi immediately sat up and struggled to lean against the wall.

Even though her hands were cuffed to the iron column, she was long in a disheveled state; blood covered her entire body, especially her face, and her hair was drenched and messy.

However, some people were born with an elegant disposition, so even when they fell in hell and were in a messy state, that elegance would not diminish even for a bit.

Mu Wanrou found her to be an eyesore and could not wait to see her servile look!

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