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Youyou silently sat on the bed as he leaned against the headboard with bowed head.

His eyes glinted and his face lightened a little when he saw that it was Little Yichen at the door.

The little lads exchanged glances and tacitly shifted their gazes very quickly.

The other one slowly walked over to stand behind the old man.

Sitting next to the bed, Mu Sheng scrutinized every inch of the younger boys face with deep and heavy eyes.

For the first time in seven years, he was able to take a good look at his great grandson.

Although he was gratified and elated at the long-awaited reunion, worries troubled him, too.

This child seemed to be very cold to him.

He could not help reaching out as he regarded his handsome, young face.

Before his fingers could even touch his face, the boy coldly slapped his hand away.

“Dont touch me!”

His tone was icy and indifferent as he swept his cold and sharp gaze on him.

The old man felt extremely hurt by his cold indifference and aloofness.

They were supposed to be family for the past seven years, yet they seemed to be like enemies now.

He could not help feeling a stab of pain in his heart!

He quickly calmed his emotions, though.

He thought to himself, The child is merely seven and has always been with his mother.

Hell naturally find my sudden appearance strange and be on guard!

Having been separated for so many years, it was inevitable that they would be estranged!

Furthermore, he had no idea how that woman usually educated the child such that he treated him with so much hatred; it was likely that she had deliberately brainwashed him!

In his eyes, the woman harbored ill will when she hid a descendent of his family.

She must have wanted to ascend in status and marry into a wealthy family by making use of her child!

She probably made the child hate his family on purpose!

He snorted at the thought of this.

He absolutely abhorred her!

Since the child had returned to them, there was no need for him to be anxious about bonding with him; they had all the time in the world to do so in the future!

It was natural for him to find this place unfamiliar since this was his first time here.

His aloofness and indifference toward him were justifiable, too!

Besides, he greatly approved of this child.

He was very fond of him right from the moment they met; his protectiveness for his mother and his courage revealed that he already had a sense of responsibility of a mature man despite his young age.

He was naturally glad to know that the child was filial!

What was even more remarkable was that the child did not seem to be timid; rather, he was fearless!

The mans face lightened up a little at this thought.

In an attempt to please and get closer to the child, he gently teased him with a smile, “Little lad, you have quite a temper! Tell great grandpa your name!”

Wearing a frosty look on his face, Youyou paid him no attention.

Just thinking of his mommy being placed under house arrest and not knowing whether she had been injured or not made him absolutely hate this old man before him.

There was no way he would acknowledge him!

He hated anyone who hurt his mommy!

He still wanted to be acknowledged by him

Dream on!

Mu Sheng was not annoyed by the childs indifference, though and patiently asked, “Tell great grandpa your name, all right”

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