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Mu Wanrou gripped her throat with so much force that, within seconds, she felt her consciousness ebbing away.

Yun Shishi was on the brink of suffocating.

Following closely was the sound of Youyous exasperated scream.


“Let go of my mommy! Let go!

“Let go of her! Youre not allowed to touch my mommy! If anything happens to her, Ill make sure that all of you pay for it with your lives!”

He almost broke away from the restrictions several times but was quickly held back whenever he landed on the ground.

He was too weak and small.

He was defenseless against these well-trained soldiers!

Mu Wanrou had set her mind on killing Yun Shishi here; thus, the strength in her hand never wavered.

Suddenly, a thunderous roar was heard from the door.

“Stop it!”

Frightened for a moment, she loosened her grip unconsciously.

Yun Shishi crumpled to the floor, holding her almost broken neck as she coughed and sputtered.

Yun Tianyou bit his lower lip harshly, his hands curling up into fists.

His entire body was trembling from all the fear and hatred he was feeling.

The fear came from his worry of this woman hurting his mommy!

He hated how weak he was for being unable to protect his mother!

He felt anger and resentment toward this womans ruthless actions.

In that moment, his heart seemed to have been consumed by an endless amount of darkness!

A sudden bloody thought popped up in his head.

If he had the chance, he would definitely hack this vicious woman into thousands of bloody pieces!

Even he was shocked by this unexpected thought he had.

However, at that moment, his heart had been fully consumed by his loathing!

Mu Sheng stood at the door.

When he witnessed the scene just as he entered, he could not help but cease her actions.

“Wanrou, dont blow things up! I came here only to take the kid away!”


Seeing that the elderly man had arrived, she was momentarily uneasy.

What disturbed her was how to prevent this old man from seeing Yun Shishis face.

She was afraid that he would recognize the similarities in the features of this woman and Mu Qingcheng and subsequently start forming suspicions.

Therefore, she hurriedly went forward and assisted him by the arm while intentionally using her body to shield his view of the woman on the floor.

“Grandpa, why are you here Your body isnt well; please rest in the car, instead!”

The old man asked in a low voice, “I was worried so I came to see the child.

Where is he”

She stiffened before signaling the soldiers with a look to bring the child forward.

Alas, she did not consider that these soldiers only followed her commands because of Mu Shengs authority.

With him on the scene, they naturally only heeded his orders.

They no longer listened to her!

Seeing that her commands were forsaken, she was a little furious from the embarrassment.

He commanded, “Bring the child over for me to look!”

The soldiers brought the child in front of him.

Yun Tianyous gaze remained fixedly his mothers direction.

She slumped on the floor while holding her throat; her face was flushed red from the pain.

Seeing her expression filled with agony, he felt a stab of pain in his heart.

Mu Shengs gaze fell on the boy.

A look of contentment graced his old complexion.

He could not help reaching out to touch his face with his wrinkled hand, resting it between his eyebrows.


They were so alike.

His eyes were exactly the same as Little Yichens, but his nose and mouth were more like his fathers.

If it was just a short glance, these two children would look identical.

However, there were differences when it came to the minor details.

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