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“B*tch! Give me the child!”

With that, Mu Wanrou reached out her hand toward the boy.

Youyou glared at her coldly before hiding behind his mother.

Yun Shishi retorted angrily, “Why should I hand my child over to you! Dont you dare go near my son; keep your dirty hands off him!”

“You are really a b*tch! A b*tch like you will only give birth to b*st*rds.

Acknowledging someone bad like you as his mother, you are so shameless!”

Her gaze chilled at the others insults and she raised her hand to slap the latter in the face furiously.

**ACK! The sound was loud and crisp.

Mu Wanrou was unprepared for it.

As a corollary of receiving the stinging slap, her whole face twisted to the side.

She turned her head back around and looked at her in disbelief and shock.

“You dared to hit me”

Yun Shishi bit her lip harshly.

Her face was filled with hatred.

She absolutely detested this woman from the bottom of her heart.

She had snatched away so many things from her, yet she still wanted to take her son from her today!

This was unforgivable!

“The one who is shameless is you, right!”

Her emotions were a mess as she coldly spat, “If my son returns to the Mu family, that should be whatacknowledging a bad person as his mother is!”

Her words were said with much obscurity.

Those around them were at a loss at the meaning of her words, but Mu Wanrou knew very well what they meant.

Those words delivered a heavy and precise blow to the biggest guilt she held in her heart.

Thus, she screamed to cover this up.

“Shut up! You are hiding the Mu familys heir, yet you dare to act all high and mighty in front of me.

What a disgraceful thing!”

“Crazy woman, dont you dare to scold my mommy! You are the one who is disgraceful!”

Yun Tianyou had turned pale from anger.

He stood in front of his mother and raised his arms out ferociously.

His eyes were filled with so much loathing.

His heart was also filled with fury and hate.

He had figured out the one responsible for the campus shooting incident!

He could tell that this woman wanted to get rid of his mommy and him, just like that day at Fairy Tale Valley when he and Little Yichen was almost assassinated.

This womans cruel and wild heart was clear!

To her, he and his mommy were thorns in the flesh!

Not only that, this woman may not even let Mu Yichen off when the time came!

Now, he could not avoid reproaching himself.

Before this, he clearly had a way to get rid of her, but he never executed it, and this caused his mommy to be in a predicament, with enemies surrounding her.

If he had made a move earlier and gotten rid of this woman, the situation would not be like this now!

Mu Wanrou lowered her head and glanced at him icily, clearly unaware of what he was currently thinking.

Seeing the boy staring at her with solemn and chilling eyes, she cursed, “B*stard, who do you think you are What right do you have to talk to me!”

“He he! The one who doesnt have the right to talk to me is you!”

Yun Tianyou lifted his face.

Expressionless, he spoke in a low voice, “Imposter!”

Yun Shishi, who had been standing behind him, could not hear what he had said clearly, but the woman in front heard his words as clear as day!

This kid was truly bold.

He actually dared to call her an imposter!

She was uncontrollably mad from embarrassment.

She raised her palm, ready to slap him in the next second.

Yun Shishi reached out fiercely and gripped her hand tightly.

“Let go!” Mu Wanrou struggled against her grip.

The soldiers at the side instantly subdued her.

As he saw his mother being brought under control, Yun Tianyous eyes turned red from panic.

He desperately lunged forward and hugged his mother.

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