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Chapter 1102: No longer care about you…

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He said that hell be announcing his wedding but not with Mu Wanrou!

Who could it be, then

Could it actually be Yun Shishi!

The moment she thought about this possibility, her heart chilled drastically!

Was it… that woman!

Song Enya panicked at once and grabbed his sleeve in exasperation.

“Brother Mu, are you actually going to announce your wedding with Yun Shishi”

Mu Yazhe lowered his head to look at her abruptly.

She still had the same facial features as Jiang Yishan, but she was now a stranger to him.

“Do you know” he asked in a deep voice.

His sudden words caused her to ask with bated breath, “Hm What”

“This face of yours makes me feel very disgusted.”


These heartless and cruel words encased her heart fully in ice.

Deeply hurt, she looked at him in disbelief.

Fat drops of tears began rolling down her face.

“You… think that I am disgusting”

She suddenly cried out desperately, “You called me disgusting just because of that woman! Brother Mu, why are you so heartless How could you be so cruel!”

The man brushed away her hand and replied coldly, “Shes my future wife.”

Her expression froze.

“So please refrain from disrespecting her.”

His words were like a harsh slap to her face—one that was painful beyond belief.

Her dignity and her pitiful glimmer of hope were completely crushed under his feet.

She came from a well-to-do family, had fine features, and had no lack of suitors, yet this man right in front of her had rejected her continuously.


Why was he so cruel to her

A few people were throwing curious glances in their direction from the side.

Mu Yazhe turned his head around slowly, sweeping his icy gaze across.

The crowd shrank back in fear, afraid to give them another glance.

He looked back at her and said nonchalantly, “I came here to bring you home; if you dont want to listen to me, Ill no longer care about you.”

With that, he turned around and headed for the exit.

She rushed after him and hugged his back.

Her voice was helpless and in despair.

“Please… dont ignore me… Brother Mu, please dont stop caring about me! Im scared… Im so scared…”

He replied, “Then go home!”

His tone clearly did not tolerate any differing opinion.

He was evidently impatient.

She bit her lip, unabated tears streaming down her face as she choked on her sobs.

“Okay, Ill listen to you… Ill go home—go home now…”

He drove her all the way to the Song familys residence.

Stopping the car at the entrance, she still did not make any move to get off.

Mu Yazhe gripped the steering wheel, his cold eyes landing on her.

Sensing his piercing gaze, Song Enya quivered.

She raised her head and matched his icy stare.

“Brother Mu…”

“Get out,” ordered the man.

“Can you not be so fierce with me! You used to be so gentle with me…” she cried indignantly.

Her tears were useless against him, alas!

If this were before, he could be soft-hearted; now, he was no longer moved by them.

It was hopeless the moment his heart turned stone-cold.

Her fists balled up tightly as she sucked in a cold breath of air.

“Brother Mu, lets go back to how we were before, okay You are my uncle, and I am your… niece…”

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