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Mu Yazhe thought otherwise.

Laughing, he raised a brow.

“Is it considered as an unspoken rule if I back my woman up, then”

Its perfectly justifiable for a husband to support his wife, yet shes calling it an unspoken rule!

He could not understand her!

Yun Shishi flushed and let out a snort.

“Yes, this is also considered as an unspoken rule.

Anyway, I dont want to be supported by you; I want to rely on myself!”

“I remember someone saying that shell be a fool for not relying on her backing.” He cast her a sidelong glance and spoke in a cold tone.

Her face turned red again.

“That was then! This is now.”

Ever since Lu Jingtian mocked her by saying that this man was the reason behind her success, she had been feeling indignant.

Her role inThe Green Apple had been completely due to her strengths.

How could she negate all her hard work with just a few words

She actually said that she would be nothing without Mu Yazhe!

We shall see about that!

Without the man, she would still be able to break through.

“If me backing you is an unspoken rule, then you have already been taken advantage of.”

He stated the facts expressionlessly.

Her face collapsed as she glared at him.

“This is also considered as an unspoken rule!”

She held his arm and walked with him along the riverside.

A shaky voice was suddenly heard from behind.

“Brother Mu…”

The man stopped in his tracks, causing the woman to stop as well.

As they turned around, Song Enya and Song Yunxi stood behind them, staring at the couple.

The smile on Yun Shishis face stiffened.

All they saw was Song Enya staring fixedly at her uncle with tears in her shimmering eyes.

She had been looking for him all this while, but he had avoided her.

However, right at this moment, he was being intimate with this woman.

How could he do this

She felt even more indignant when she saw him kissing the woman gently and stroking her hair lovingly.

He only did such intimate acts with her in the past!

Now, he was giving all his love and tender sentiments to another woman!

He even said that he wanted to back her up to become a superstar!

Brother Mu must love her a lot to say something like that!

Even when Lu Jingtian had asked him for a role in the past, he was too lazy to care!

Now, he was willing to push Yun Shishi up in status through any means.

She felt not only wronged but also jealous.

She was almost drowning in a body of sour water that was as dark as the ocean!

It was very clear to her that there was nothing superficial about the love in his eyes when he looked at this woman.

It was just that she did not want to admit it even now!

How could they be so intimate with each other

Intimate to such a point.

Intimate to the point that he would ask, “Is it considered as an unspoken rule if I back my woman up, then”

When Mu Yazhe saw his niece, his smile also dropped suddenly.

Song Enya shifted her gaze onto Yun Shishi.

Those eyes, which were full of protest, were as sharp as blades.

They seemed to be cutting her body ruthlessly just like they were gouging a piece of meat!

If eyes could kill, she would be shredded into a thousand pieces.

“Brother Mu… why arent you picking up my calls I looked for you at your company, but you refused to meet me.


She took a few steps closer to him, her eyes filled with hurt.

His gaze was extremely icy as he tightened his grip on Yun Shishis hand.

She noticed that subtle action of his and her heart ached further.

It was as if she had been stabbed.

Her heart chilled tremendously!

Her mouth was so full of bitterness that she could not even say anything!

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